Why All The Questions


According to this study children ask a lot of questions. I know. Ground breaking. Who knew? The most prolific questioners are girls aged 4 years, asking a whopping 390 questions per day, which is an average of a question every 1 minute and 56 seconds while awake.

My daughter is nearly 3 and this sounds about accurate to me. Though 385 of those questions are simply “Why?”

Introducing A New Baby To An Older Sibling

introducing a new baby

The idea of introducing a new baby to your first baby can be a little daunting. There’s no way to know beforehand how they’ll respond to an enormous change in their lives like becoming a big brother or sister. The best we can do is prepare our older child as much as we can and prepare ourselves to make the household run as smoothly as possible. But at the end of the day whatever will be will be.

My Challenging Toddler

challenging toddler

There’s so many polite euphemisms I’ve used to describe my daughter: “Challenging”, “Strong Willed” “Determined” and “Intense” (by which I mean “difficult” “combative” “stubborn” and “throws tantrums… a lot”) She’s always been like this, since she was a brand new baby, I’ve been shocked by how intense she can be.

There have been many times I’ve looked at my wonderful little girl in the middle of a massive meltdown and wondered “Where have I gone wrong?” But when I’m calm (and she’s calm) I look back and I do know that this is the right path for us.

It might be not be the right approach for all people or for all children, but it’s what works for us.

Sugar & Spice

Looking back to when my son was reaching toddler hood, climbing everything, running off across the park with reckless abandon, never giving me a moment to sit and catch my breath before he’d be off trying to give himself concussion.

Toilet Training

There is no one way to go about toilet training, as with many parenting topics, what you do, what will work, what will be the best outcome for your child depends very much on your child and your own parenting views.