Things I Learned When I Gave Up Wine For A Month

5 Things I Discovered When I Gave Up Wine For A Month

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So, this wasn’t part of anything. It wasn’t for Dry July, which is coming up in a few days. Maybe I should have waited a month before I started my alcohol free month so I could tie it into Dry July, because it is a great charity that raises money for cancer patient. But I’ve just gone a month without alcohol, so I’m just not keen to do it again so soon. I kind of feel bad, but this was a decision that was made midway through last month and I just wanted to start right away. However if you are doing Dry July post your link to your fundraising profile and I’ll share it for you.

So – here’s what I learned giving up wine (and other alcohol) for a month!

I’m Basically A Giant Toddler

As soon as I can’t have something I want it ten times more. As soon as it was off the table, so to speak, it was on my mind constantly. And I made every excuse possible to quit, and throw in the towel with this. Within 24 hours after I started. Though this isn’t just something I do with alcohol. Guess what my pregnancy cravings were – ham, runny eggs, sushi and beer. I don’t even like beer! But tell me I can’t have something and I’ll want it. Apparently even if I’m the one who’s decided I can’t have it. I had to continuously remind myself “Nobody is making you do this.” 

Drinking Wine Was A Bit Of A Habit

I think I might drink wine a little too regularly. Nothing too serious, just the odd glass of wine with dinner here and there. I don’t often drink in large amounts, but that glass or two, or three a few nights a week add up to a couple of bottles of wine. Every week. Just as a habit. That’s without adding in any extra wine for when we have something on, or friends over.

I’ve started drinking tea or hot chocolate in the evenings instead, because I was still looking for something other than water to drink just to replace the habit. It seems like it was more a habit of drinking something enjoyable, but it doesn’t need to be alcohol. 

Wine Costs Money – WHO KNEW?!?!

I suddenly had a lot more money. Saving money wasn’t actually something I’d considered when I started this. I guess wine has just been in my budget for so long I hadn’t considered the cost of two, or more, bottles of wine a week might actually be noticeable.

I Didn’t Feel Better or Worse

I didn’t actually feel any different without wine. I’d kind of hoped I’d maybe lose some weight, or have increased mental clarity. Or something! I’d read about people who gave up wine and felt like superheroes and had perfect glowing skin and felt generally incredible. It seems like I wasn’t actually drinking enough to cause any problems to then solve when I gave it up. So, that’s both disappointing and reassuring.

It Was Easier To Changed The Habit Than I Thought

Now that I’ve come to the end of my wine free month (Which was mid-May to mid-June ), I was allowed to start drinking again two weeks ago…. I feel like I have actually kicked myself out of the habit of drinking regularly. I’ve had two bottles of wine in my house since Saturday night and I have no desire to drink them. In fact, we bought them on Saturday night with the intention of drinking them and then just didn’t… Who even am I?!?! (Though I’m pretty keen on cracking one of them open tonight, because it’s Friday to “celebrate” the beginning of the school holidays!)

All that said I still love wine. It was an interesting experiment to see what happens if I gave it up for a bit. It’s nice to know that I can live without it, but… I was never going to break up with wine forever. 



Rachel Stewart

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  1. Hahaha, yeah the money one is very accurate.
    I drastically cut back on alcohol for a while to help me lose weight and get fitter (who wants to exercise with a hangover?!) and suddenly I had all this extra spending money for other stuff. Especially as I mostly drank when out for dinner, so that’s an even bigger saving!

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