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It’s that time of year again. I have been looking and comparing the Top 100 Baby names of Australia  for 2013 from 2012’s list.
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Let’s start with the girls names. Charlotte still is our no1 name of choice, with almost 150 more babies named Charlotte then 2012. With Ruby still firmly in no2. Lily is no3 in 2013, jumping 11 spots from 14, kicking Olivia into 4th place. The names there after are bumped down a spot. Otherwise our girls top 10 name list is looking almost identical from the year before.

We have same new names this year in the girls list. Charlie (52) typically a boys name has been adopted into the unisex category, and had over 400 babies named with a variety of spellings of Charlie. We really have a lot of old fashioned names gracing our girls names this year, Milla (27), Annabelle (48), Josephine (93) and Elise. (96)

Boys names, William and Jack traded places in 2013, with William as no1. These 2 names still remain our favs for boys for the 8th year running. Otherwise, our top 10 is looking almost identical from the year before. EXCEPT in our 10th position for 2013 we have the name Jackson/Jaxon, which was number 23 in 2012. Moving Lachlan an old time favourite to no11.

Looking at our boys list, we Australian’s truly love our traditional boys names. Names like Samuel (15), Christian (83) and Benjamin (19) being only a few of our name choices.

The name George has been brought back in to the top 100. Perhaps the birth of Prince George has had some sort of royal influence on us all.

According to records, a lot of Australian’s are using more unique or unusual spellings of names, rather then traditional.  Using more phonetic sounds, hyphens or apostrophes when selecting the spelling of names So teachers be prepared!

We are also floating towards more softer sounding girl’s names, names ending with Y’s and e’s, while our boy’s names are sounding more firm, using more consonants to start names.

*Reference – Mccrindle research – They have the compilation 100 of all Births Deaths and Marriages



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  1. # 1… How unoriginal of us. Although we picked it out about 10 years ago so I don’t care.

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