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Wombat Bend Playground in Templestowe



wombat bend

Wombat Bend Playground in Templestowe is one of my favourite playgrounds, and it’s actually so close by to my house I really should visit it more often. It’s a great place to feel like you’re really immersed in nature, it’s set just across the Yarra from the Yarra Valley Parklands. The playground has heaps of handy amenities, like BBQs, covered seating areas, toilets, drinking fountain, full fenced in playground. It’s also had great accessibility and all-abilities activities. All this less than half an hour from Melbourne CBD. The play area is decorated with community art and it really does feel like a bit of a sanctuary to play and unwind in.

Our favourite features of Wombat Bend playground are the Merry-go-round swing.

wombat bend playground

The Flying Fox (it’s a pretty short Flying Fox by it does get some decent speed up and a good swing up at the end!)

wombat bend playground

Climbing frame.

wombat bend playground

And even a Maze – with lots of interesting things to find inside it.

wombat bend playground

It’s not just what’s IN the Wombat Bend playground that makes it an awesome destination for a day out with kids. Just outside of the fence play area there’s a space that school groups use to build shelters out of things they can find in the environment.

wombat bend playground

And a little further down the path (away from the carpark) you come to a suspension bridge across the Yarra to the Main Yarra Trail. In summer the river is great for swimming and canoeing.

wombat bend playground

There’s no easy circuit along the track in either direction, so you will need to walk up and back, but it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable stroll through the bush with beautiful views and wildlife.

wombat bend playground

There are even places you can go a little off the track to explore.

wombat bend playground

Overall it’s a really great place to feel like you’ve escaped to the bush, but you’re still in suburbia. 




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