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5 Gifts I’d Love For Christmas

My Christmas Wish-List

So, there’s not really a whole lot of point to writing this list, other than if anyone happens to ask me what I want for Christmas I can direct them to this blog post (joking). Also none of this is sponsored, these are genuinely things I want. And maybe by batting my eyelashes at these brands they might – just maybe – send me a Christmas present in return for a product review (…less joking….*tags brands in post*).

Also because maybe YOU don’t know what you want for Christmas and this light might give you some ideas for what to ask Santa for! See, I knew there was an altruistic reason for writing this. So generous of me.

Soda Stream  

I have wanted a Soda Stream since I was a child! Two whole decades of my life I’ve wanted one and never actually had one. Given I drink more soda water than I do regular tap water it’s probably a wise investment. Plus I won’t be wasting all those plastic bottles going through so many a week. AND I won’t run out so long as I have a gas bottle (but how often do you replace those anyway? No really. I have no idea how long they last?!?) But right now I’m on my very last glass of soda water – after this it’s tap water or wine.

Wine Subscription

If someone could pay for wine to be delivered to my house a regular intervals, like Wine Selectors or Naked Wines that be great. Or even just a box of wine to get me through the school holidays would be plenty. A mix of whites and sparkling would be fabulous. I’m pretty easy going (I will drink anything), but I have a preference for Sauv Blanc, Pinot Grigio and either Champagne or a sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay. No moscato though. Blergh. Okay, maybe pop in one or two, because it seems like everyone in my life drink cordial wine so I usually have a bottle of it on hand just in case. Again. So generous.

Dotti Dresses

I’ve recently lost a significant amount of weight – which is good! But now none of my pretty dresses fit me – which is bad. I have nothing to wear over the Christmas/New Year/Holidaying period! And because of all the expenses at this time of year there is no hope of replacing my wardrobe in the foreseeable future. Heartbreaking. Simply devastated. I know. I know. It’s really not that bad, but I loved my Dotti dresses! It sucks they don’t fit and I’d love to buy more. (FYI I want this one for Christmas Parties, this one for New Years Eve, and this one for casual BBQs. Kay-thanks)

A Flat Iron For Curling

Both of my last two curling irons have been Remington, which I’ve been perfectly happy with, but the one thing they can’t do it curls! They have a flat edges. Apparently the key to curls is having a curved edge to smoothly wind the hair around. So alas my straightener won’t make those loose, pretty, soft curls.  I’ve watched SO MANY tutorials on how to curl with a flat iron and I’m itching to try it with my own hair. I just can’t justify buying another flat iron while I still have a working one!

Charity Gifts

So, I just feel like my list so far has been pretty vapid and selfish. Maybe I should wish for something other than myself! Actually I would love a gift that goes to a good cause. Such as:

  • Rafiki Mwema – I saw one of the founders speak about their work and I cried continuously for the whole time she spoke. What they do is equal parts heart breaking and inspirational.
  • Oxfam – I would seriously love to receive a picture of a goat knowing a family actually received a real goat. Who wouldn’t love that?!?
  • Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia
  • WWF – Supporting Wildlife is awesome.

I hope that helps if anyone is actually genuinely reading this to spark ideas for what they should get themselves – or someone else – for Christmas. 

About Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner.She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum.She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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  1. Amy Ahearn

    I want all the things!! <3

  2. Hahaha love that you tagged the brands- good luck!

  3. Andi Dyson

    You read my mind. I would love all those too!!!

  4. Christine Knight Thomas

    Can I have them all please?

  5. Cindy Chuan

    Pretty jewellery 🙂 Can never have too much!

  6. Fi Morrison

    Haha hopefully the Soda Stream one will come true in the giveaway ??

  7. Mim Jenkinson

    YES to your list, especially the SodaStream Australia! I just got a Power and it’s saving me LOTS of money and I’m finally enjoying tap water! Definitely get one 🙂 The gas cylinder lasts up to 60ltrs and about $20 to swap the empty for a new one at Coles x

    • Parenting Central

      Excellent. So it’s about 33c a liter compared to about 50c a litre. Which over 60litres is only a saving of $10 BUT it saves using 48 plastic bottles. Eek. That’s a bit gross when I look at it like that.

    • Mim Jenkinson

      Your maths is way better than mine 🙂 Yes it’s the packaging for me and buying a product that is already in the taps! As well as the environmental benefit, it’s also less plastic bottles taking up our recycling bin – I used to go through a LOT of them! x

    • Parenting Central

      LOL yes, actually towards the end of the year that recycling bin space is important too!

  8. El Tan

    Ooohhhh, yes please. I want them too.

  9. Anna Brophy

    oooo….wine…sodastream…wine…sodastream…What will Santa decide?

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