Best Car Seats Australia 2023

Last year when working on the Best Car Seats for 2022 I split the guide into three complete pages – Best Baby Capsule, Best Convertible Car Seat and Best Booster seats so I could offer as many options as possible to make sure people were able to find the right type of car seat for their child’s age, as well as the best car seat within their budget. 

For the Best Car Seats Australia 2023 I’ve decided to keep things a little simpler for myself and stick to the top 10 car seats across all five different car seat categories. So I’ve limited myself to the two best car seats for each type.

However if you do check out the Best Car Seats 2022 you will find A LOT more options that are all still relevant in 2023.

How to find the best car seats for your family?

Firstly, it is absolutely essential that your child fits their car seat. You must choose the correct car seat not just for their age, but also their size and development. Keeping in mind that:

  • Rear facing is safer for all humans regardless of age.
  • 5 point harness is always safer than a regular seat belt.
  • Adult car seats aren’t designed for people shorter than 145 cms. 

The other thing to always be aware of is the height markers on all car seats that will indicate when your child has outgrown their seat or grown into the next stage.

So while it’s good to know what the minimum legal requirements are, you always want to be aware of what is indicated by the car seat manufacturer as well as trying to keep your child as safe as is practical (obviously you can’t keep them rear facing until 13 years old, even if theoretically that would be ideal)

Forward Facing

  • Legal Minimum: 6 months
  • Typical Height Marker: 12 months (approximately)
  • Recommended: 2-3 years (or until they meet the upper height marker of their seat)

Unharnessed Booster

  • Legal Minimum: 4 years
  • Typical Height Marker: 4-6 years
  • Recommended: Never. Instead using a harnessed booster for 8-10 years. 

Best 0-6 Month Capsules

RRPSale PriceWidthDepthKey Feature
Maxi Cosi Mico 6$499$39944cms62cmsGreat Value
Infasecure Adapt More$829$59945cms59cmsEasy to Use

Best 0-12 Month Capsules

RRPSale PriceWidthDepthKey Feature
Baby Jogger City GO$549$39945cms69cmsEasy Adjust
Cybex Cloud Q$869$69944cms67cmsSeat Reclines

Best 0-4 Convertible Car Seats

0-4 Year Convertible RRPSale PriceWidthDepthKey Feature
Maxi Cosi Vita Smart$749$52945cms54cmsGreat Value
Britax B-First ClickTight$849$64947cms73cms Easy install

Best 1-8 Year Harnessed Booster Seat

RRPSale PriceWidthHeight MarkerKey Feature
Britax Maxi Guard51cmsFitting 3 Across
Britax B-Grow ClickTight51cmsEasy install

Best 4-8 Year Unharnessed Booster Seat

RRPSale PriceWidthHeight MarkerKey Feature
Maxi Cosi Rodi47cms56cmsGreat all rounder
Infa Secure Aspire44cms57cmsTall and compact

Best Mid-range 0-6 Baby Capsule  – Maxi Cosi Mico 6 (Non Isofix) $379


Opting for the Non-Isofix version of the Maxi Cosi Mico capsule is a great way to save a few dollars – especially if you’re planning to have your car seat professionally installed anyway. Isofix isn’t safer than a standard seat belt install, it’s just easier. But when a lot of parents have their seats installed, why pay more for a feature you’re not using?Otherwise, the Mico 6 (Non-Iso) is the same exact capsule as the Isofix version – just the different fitting option in the base. 

Maxi Cosi Mico 6 (Non-Isofix) Specifications

Installed Width 44cms
Installed Depth (front to back) 61.5cms
Capsule Weight 4.6kgs
Base Weight 3.2kgs
Total Weight 7.8kgs

Best Mid-range 0-12 Month Capsule – Baby Jogger city GO ($399-$449)

city go 1

The Baby Jogger city GO Capsule ticks a lot of boxes at a very approxable price point. I particularly love the head support that can be moved up and down to fit your baby and the non-rethread harness (because who has time for that!). As well as the helpful features like built in spirit level, adjustable base and Isofix to make install a bit easier! (I demonstrate these features in my video review)

The only limitation is the Baby Jogger City city GO capsule is only compatible with Baby Jogger strollers. Which is great if you have one, not so helpful if you don’t.

Alternative options would be a Nuna or Joie capsule that offers similar features because those brands also use Maxi Cosi adapters – though as with the Cybex capsule if they’re not listed as compatible with your stroller they haven’t been tested and so can’t be recommended. 

Baby Jogger city GO capsule Specifications

Installed Width 45cms
Installed Depth (front to back) 69cms
Capsule Weight 4.7kgs

Best High End 0-12 Month Capsule –  Cybex Cloud Q ($749-$799)

cloud q 1 1

It feels a bit frivolous to include the Cybex Cloud Q in this list – but if you want the best, this the best. And also obviously the most expensive. The Cybex Cloud Q is an incredibly unique capsule offering features not seen on other capsules. Aside from the super cool appearance, the shell-like hood and compelling safety features, the REAL reason I rate it as the best capsule is the ability to be reclined while out of the car. So your baby can lie back and relax in their capsule while strolling around. Though they will need to be returned to the more seated position when in the car. 

Also Cybex capsules fit Maxi Cosi adapters – though be mindful if your stroller doesn’t list the Cybex Cloud Q as compatible it likely hasn’t been safety tested, which means it may not be safe… it also might not fit the stroller frame. 

Cybex Cloud Q Specifications

Installed Width 44cms
Installed Depth (front to back) 67cms
Capsule Weight 5.7kgs
Base Weight Not specified
Total Weight  Not Specified

Best Mid-range Car Seat – Maxi Cosi Vita Smart

vita pro

There are so many great mid-range car seats around the $450-$550 price point that it was really hard to narrow it down, so I am actually going to suggest two car seats at this price point and also suggest reading my Britax Graphene VS Maxi Cosi Vita Smart.

For safety you get a substantial amount of “Air Protect” in the headrest, there is a layer of impact absorbing material through the shell, and also it’s a very deep and cocooning seat, so your baby is protected on all sides. 

For ease of use, you get everything you would expect at this price. One-handed easy to adjust harness and headrest, smoothly tightening straps, magnets to hold the seat belt out of the way while you’re loading newborn into the seat, easy recline mechanism and also very well integrated ISOFIX straps. 

It’s also a great slimline car seat, so you get all these features without compromising on space.

Best High-End Car Seat –  Britax B-First ClickTight 

b first

So I am still unreasonably excited about the Britax Click Tight that was released in 202 and I’m so glad to see that Britax has also rolled out the Click Tight Technology to their forward-facing car seat (which is so important when 1-8year car seats can’t use Isofix)

This is an amazing car seat. If I was having another baby (I’m not) and money wasn’t a consideration (it is) and I had a big car (I don’t) then I would absolutely get a Britax B-First Click Tight.

Why do I think the Britax B-First Click Tight is so amazing? Because it really is designed to be easy for parents to install themselves, and it uses the seat belt to install, rather than ISOFIX so it can be fitted easily into any car. 

It’s a hard process to explain, so watch this video. Start at 55 seconds to just see the “Click tight” feature that just blows my mind. 

Aside from the super easy fitting process the Britax B-First Clicktight have so many great features to make using a car seat simple, safe, and comfortable. I really could just go on and on about this car seat.

Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard

best booster seats australia 2022 britax maxi guard

Britax Maxi Guard is one of my go-to recommendations for so many circumstances. Looking for an affordable car seat for fitting three across? Maxi Guard. Need a car seat for Grandparents house that can easily adjust between grandchildren of different sizes? Maxi Guard. Just need a great all round forward facing car seat that’s easy to use? Maxi Guard. Simple. 

Also the reason the Maxi Guard is so good for fitting three across is the open shell on the side, so with the right combination of car seats (and a professional installer) I’ve seen miracles happen with this booster seat squeezing in that third seat across the back of smaller car.

Britax Safe-n-Sound b-grow ClickTight tex

best booster seats australia 2022 Britax B-Grow ClickTight

I’m OBSESSED with how the ClickTight range is installed into your car. It is so easy anyone can do it (I went to the product launch for the B-first which is the 0-4 car seat in the ClickTight range and I got to install one of these myself and they gave me a little certificate to be like – Well done! You did it!).

Just watch this video and then you can be the judge of whether this is an incredibly clever and innovative car seat that’s designed so that any parent can easily install their own car seat – or if I’m a sucker for praise and only love it because they gave me a certificate.

Maxi Cosi Rodi AP

best booster seats australia 2022 maxi cosi rodi

The Maxi Cosi Rodi really is just a great mid range, mid prices, all rounder booster seat. It’s one of the taller boosters on the market, with a well shaped headrest so it won’t be bumping the sloping roof on some smaller cars. It does have a wide seat, that can be adjusted outwards to accommodate bigger kids. Although it maybe not ideal for fitting three across that’s not a feature most families will need in a booster seat. 

It also offers Maxi Cosi’s “Air Protect” in the headrest and also an adjustable base to perfectly fit the angle of your car’s back seat for a secure fit.

Given how approachably priced the Maxi Cosi Rodi is, market value under $200,  I’m surprised it’s not a more popular option when it ticks so many boxes for a good, easy, simple booster seat for an average 2 kid family. 

Infasecure Aspire

best booster seats australia 2022 infasecure aspire

If you’re looking for THE tallest booster seat on the market, this is the one. It’s also one of the narrowest booster seats. So if you have big kids AND a big family, this might be the better choice over the Maxi Cosi Rodi if you’re trying to get three car seats into your car. 

The Infa Secure Aspire is also a premium booster seat, so on top of all the safety and practical features, it also has quilt style fabrics and an overall more upmarket look and feel. 

However, the drawback if you’re looking at the Infa Secure Aspire for fitting three children across is the full base and armrests, while offering comfort for your child, will make buckling them up near impossible if you have another car seat pressed up against it. 

If this is a concern I’d also recommend the Infaseure Acclaim, or Britax Kidguard.

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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