Best Travel Prams 2019

Best travel stroller best travel pram 2019

UPDATE – For the latest recommendations check out BEST TRAVEL PRAMS 2020.

The innovation and design in travel prams in the last couple of years has been really quite fascinating. More and more prams are being designed around the dimensions and requirements of the overhead luggage compartment of a plane. The idea being that parents can cruise all the way to the gate and then even take their pram on board with them. That way you can be assured that your pram is handled with care and never loses your sight (well, sort of, you do have to close it into the locker. But you know what I mean.) 

I can see why this is something a lot of parents are wanting. Not only avoiding the risk of damaging their pram by being mishandled or poorly stored mid-flight, but also knowing that it’s definitely going to reach your destination at the same time as you.

My own cautionary tale of bringing a pram on a plane and taking it to checked luggage was the horror of finding out on arrival that my pram had actually gotten on a different plane. Definitely not what you want to hear when you’re flying solo with a baby!

All that said, it’s well worth checking with your airline before you travel what their exact requirements and specifications are, because every airline is different, and from what I’ve been told it can also depend on the mood of the flight crew on the day. Either way, the below list should be able to be taken all the way to the gate. Whether they’ll actually let you take your pram onto the plane yourself isn’t ever a guarantee. However, once you’ve gotten your pram to the gate, there’s no way it’ll end up at a different destination – like mine. So don’t worry about that!

One this to be aware of is that you will need to have your pram securely inside a travel bag to be allowed to take it on board, so keep that in mind when choosing your travel pram!

Babyzen Yoyo 

Babyzen Yoyo

I think the the Babyzen Yoyo deserves to be mentioned first, as it definitely seems to be the most popular super compact travel pram on the market at the moment. Weighing in at a tiny 5.6kgs and very small dimensions the Babyzen Yoyo really does have a solid chance of getting all the way into the cabin with you. Babyzen Yoyo is very comfortable to push, has a good sized basket for its size, and allows you to customise your pram with brightly coloured hood and seat pads that is sold separately. That means you can even freshen up your pram between babies with a new coloured hood and liner for around $100.

The one consideration to keep in mind with the Babyzen Yoyo is the seat itself isn’t suitable for newborns. To make the Babyzen Yoyo newborn compatible you will need to purchase separately a “Newborn Nest”, for around half the total price of the pram. So for a travel pram, it costs about as much as a full sized luxury pram to set it up from birth. Which is fine if it’s going to be your everyday pram. But not so much if it’s a one-trip wonder. 

Another thing I love about the Babyzen Yoyo though is the accessories for it. The most useful of which is the toddlerboard. I think the Babyzen Yoyo toddler board is the most well executed toddler board of any pram, big or small, I’ve ever seen. So this is a great option for travelling with two tots, or just to prepare for your growing family.

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes with a “newborn nest” sold separately.
  • Weight capacity – 18kgs
  • Pram weight – 6.2 kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 54 x 42 x 18cms
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes: Maxi Cosi Capsule

Baby Jogger City Tour 2

Baby JOgger City Tour 2

I know I show blatant favouritism for Baby Jogger as a brand – and this recommendation is no exception. The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is my personal favourite travel stroller. I love it because it does everything you need from a travel stroller as well as being a perfect lightweight everyday stroller! The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 is suitable from birth without needing extra accessories (though it has the option of adding a car capsule or bassinet, which are sold separately). It has a very tall seat (I was able to fit my tall six year old into the City Tour) and a high weight limit to match. It also offers a good sized adjustable footrest which is a feature you don’t often see on these super light travel strollers. Lastly, I do love the super easy one handed fold. It wouldn’t be a Baby Jogger without an incredibly easy fold.

My only complaint – and it’s a small one – I don’t love the new aesthetic of the latest Baby Jogger City Tour 2. I really preferred the look of the older Baby Jogger City Tour. Though that could just be me, as obviously the look of a pram comes down to personal taste.

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes
  • Weight capacity – 22kgs
  • Pram weight – 5.6 kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 56 x 43.5 x 18cm
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes. Baby Jogger City Go Capsule 

Bugaboo Ant

Bugaboo Ant

“There’s nothing like a Bugaboo” – has been the Bugaboo slogan for years, and there really is nothing like a Bugaboo Ant. The Bugaboo Ant is the smallest pram that has a modular seat – meaning parent can have their baby turned world or parent facing. The seat also lays back completely flat, so it’s suitable for newborns. Also it’s very cleverly designed to pack down to look like a hard luggage case, which can be towed along through the airport with ease. 

As expected, the Bugaboo Ant can be styled to parent’s unique taste, by choosing the chassis colour and fabric colours. And of course loads of accessories to choose from as well.

The seat on the Bugaboo Ant is a little on the smaller side though. So while it’s an amazing pram for travelling with a newborn or younger baby, it may be less suitable for larger toddler or preschooler. That said, it does also have a great ride on toddler board option for travelling with two. 

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes
  • Weight capacity – 22kgs
  • Pram weight – 7.9 kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 55 x 38 x 23cms
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes. Maxi Cosi Capsule.

GB Pockit Air All-Terrain

Pockit Stroller Silver Fox Grey
Pockit Stroller Silver Fox Grey

Firstly, don’t let the name fool you. This pram isn’t an all-terrain pram. The only way the GB Pockit could be considered “All-terrain” is the fact that it is so light and compact if you do hit some rough terrain you could fold it down, carry the pram in one arm and the baby in the other. Perhaps that what they mean!

The GB Pockit is the world’s most compact pram. It’s completely ridiculously compact. It folds down small enough it could fit into a canvas shopping bag. It is the one pram I would very confidently say is carry on luggage compatible without suggesting you contact the airline first, because it truly is smaller than most carry on luggage bags. 

However the GB Pockit is a bit of a one-trick pony. It has it’s world record breaking compact fold and not a lot else going for it. The seat doesn’t recline, the hood is only for decorations, as implied above it’s only really suitable for flat surfaces – shopping centres, airports, footpaths etc. So while it’s absolutely ideal for occasions where your number one concern is space, it’s not the stroller for everyone as it’s really only suitable for older babies and toddlers.

You can also check out my video review of the older version of this pram.

  • Suitable for newborns – No
  • Weight capacity – 17kgs
  • Pram weight – 4.6 kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 18 x 30 x 35cm
  • Carry Bag Included – No (sold separately)
  • Travel system compatible – No

Mountain Buggy Nano

Mountain buggy nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano is another very popular travel stroller – and full confession it’s not my favourite travel stroller to write about. Simply because it’s just a bit boring. My feelings about the Mountain Nano could be summarised as – it’s okay I guess. Which is pretty harsh given how absurdly excitable about prams I am. HOWEVER, it is on the list for a very good reason. It does still tick a lot of boxes parents are looking for in a travel stroller, so perhaps I just have to get over my “Ho-hum” feelings about it.

So what does it do? It’s light, compact, quick and easy to fold – as you’d expect from a travel stroller. It’s a two handed fold, but easy enough. It does have a good sized hood for a travel stroller and a reasonable basket, which has good accessibility from all sides. The Mountain Buggy Nano doesn’t have a newborn flat recline, but it is infant car capsule compatible and does offer the option of a newborn seat sold separately. You do have to remove the wheels for it to fit into its travel bag, but it does come with it’s travel bag included so that’s a plus.

The Mountain Buggy Nano definitely does it’s job. And it’s a comfortable mid-range price tag for a reasonable travel stroller.

  • Suitable for newborns – Yes with a newborn seat sold separately.
  • Weight capacity – 20kgs
  • Pram weight – 51 kgs
  • Folded dimensions – 51cm x 30cm x 54/46cmcm (with/without wheels)
  • Carry Bag Included – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

So I hope that helps you find the perfect travel stroller for your next adventure! If you have any questions please get in touch and I’d love to help you out! Otherwise feel free to check out all our pram reviews.

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