Best Travel Strollers Australia 2022

As the world returns to normal after lockdowns the demand for travel strollers in Australia has never been higher. With several new strollers having been released in the last couple of years it’s now their time to fly!

What to look for in a travel stroller?

The key features you want to consider when choosing a travel stroller are:

How easily does the travel stroller fold

It’s worth testing this out in person because what looks quick and easy in a video may have some subtle tricks to it. So you want to make sure YOU can fold your stroller quickly before you get to the boarding gate.

Is the travel stroller newborn ready?

Many super compact travel strollers have offset compromised the recline to achieve their itty bitty dimensions. So not all strollers will lay back far enough to be suitable for a newborn. Also, take this into consideration for your toddler napping – though they do recline back further than a car seat, so if your toddler can snooze in the car the 6+ month recline should be fine!

What is the overall performance?

It’s all well and good to have a stroller that will get you through the airport and to the gate, but you also need to consider how the stroller will perform when you arrive at your destination. Not all strollers are created equal and like all things you get what you paid for.

In some instances, it might be worth buying a sturdy travel bag for your everyday stroller and a baby carrier to get you through the airport. Most airlines will let you check a few baby-related items for free (pram, car seat, portacot) so it may be best to skip the travel stroller entirely!

On the other hand, most people do buy travel strollers as their second stroller that lives in their car and is mostly used for shopping centres and quick trips. So small wheels and little-to-no suspension might be totally acceptable!

Best Travel Strollers Australia 2022

best travel strollers australia 2022

NOTE: listed by price highest to lowest. RRP and market value as an approximate guide at the time of publishing – prices may vary or change over time.

StrollerRRP/Market Value WeightCapacityFolded DimensionsNewborn OptionsOptional Toddler Board
Babyzen YOYO$849/$6796.2kgs22kgs18 x 44 x 52cmsBassinet/CapsuleYes
Joolz Aer$799/$6496kgs22kgs21.5 x 45 x 53cmBassinet / CapsuleYes
Bugaboo Butterfly$749/TBC7.3kgs22kgs23 x 45 x 54cms Capsule/Bassinet TBCTBC
Mountain Buggy Nano$659/$4995.8kgs20kgs30 x 51 x 54cmsFull Recline /Capsule/CocoonNo
Baby Jogger Tour 2$599/$4496.5kgs20.5kgs56 x 44 x 18cmsFull Recline/Bassinet/CapsuleNo
Redsbaby Skip$4496.5kgs20kgs27 x 45 x 50cmsFull Recline Seat OnlyNo
Edwards & Co Otto$449/$3897kgs20kgs26.5 x 50.4 x 54cms Full Recline Seat Only
Easywalker Miley$3297kgs22kgs26 x 44 x 58cmsFull Recline Seat Only

BABYZEN YOYO – Customise Your Stroller

best travel strollers australia 2022 babyzen yoyo folded newborn

The Babyzen Yoyo has been the most popular travel stroller for many years, however with so much competition in the travel stroller space now, they are rapidly losing their position in the market because they haven’t innovated or changed the product significantly since it was launched in 2012. Despite this, it’s still one of the most expensive options on the list.

Why choose a BABYZEN YOYO?

Overall the Babyzen Yoyo is light and compact, easy to push and offers parents a huge range of colours and accessories to customise their stroller just the way they like it. You can even replace the seat pad and hood set between children to keep your Babyzen Yoyo looking fresh.

Things to consider

The fold does take some practice, it’s fiddly and not like any other stroller you’ll have ever encountered. I’ve heard stories of people getting stuck with the YOYO at the gate boarding their plane because they forgot how to fold it. So make sure you practise before you’re under pressure!

Joolz Aer – Our Favourite Travel Stroller

best travel strollers australia 2022 joolz aer folded

Right at this moment, the Joolz Aer is my personal favourite travel stroller and my go-to recommendation for anyone asking my advice. Though it’s probably easy for me to recommend this luxury travel stroller when it’s not my money because it does sit high on the list in terms of price!

Why Choose the Joolz Aer?

The fold is incredibly easy – folds super compact with one hand and in one smooth motion. With some practice, you can fold to a standing position so you don’t have to bend over to the ground to pick it up. Otherwise, the fabrics, finishes, feel, the pushing experience – everything just feels solid and well made. And it has one of the biggest stroller seats on the market.

Things to consider

The recline function on the Joolz Aer is a bit weird. It does have a 6-month recline and it does look pretty comfy for your bigger tot to snooze, but it’s a bit of an unusual mechanism to recline with a zip-out section and then a strap at the side. Also, there seems to be some uncertainty at the moment regarding whether there are any compatible capsules available for this stroller right now in Australia.

Bugaboo Butterfly – Newest Travel Stroller

best travel strollers australia 2022 bugaboo butterfly folded

Bugaboo has JUST launched the Bugaboo Butterfly (after discounting the Bugaboo Ant) and it is nearly a carbon copy of the Joolz Aer. This makes a lot of sense, they are similar brands with a similar position in the market, it makes sense that Bugaboo would be keeping an eye on what Joolz is doing to stay in line with them.

Why Choose a Bugaboo Butterfly?

I think the main reason to go for a Butterfly over a Joolz Aer would be if you’re already in the Bugaboo “family” because many of the accessories for your full-sized Bugaboo will fit the Bugaboo Butterfly – for example, the cup holder, organiser, footmuff, seat liner, phone holder, parasol and the nappy bag. As well as the Bugaboo Turtle capsule (with Butterfly adapters sold separately) HOWEVER, it seems unclear at this stage if the Bugaboo Wheeled Board will fit the Butterfly – it would be a big feature if it does for people who already own one.

Things to consider

While the fold is very similar to the simple one-handed fold of the Aer, the fold doesn’t lock in without some pressure applied. In all the Bugaboo videos showing folding the Butterfly, they fold the stroller to the ground before picking it up, and I’m just not sure that’s ideal for the frame (getting scratches) or for your back (bending over that far).

Also, it doesn’t seem to come with a travel bag and there isn’t one currently available to purchase – which would be required if you’re planning to take it as carry-on luggage. However, airlines don’t care what bag your stroller is in – it could be in a garbage bag – but it just seems like a luxury brand like Bugaboo would have a beautiful bag to go along with it.

Mountain Buggy Nano – Lightest Weight

best travel strollers australia 2022 mountain buggy nano folded

The Mountain Buggy Nano is another that has been around for a long time without many updates, however, the two-handed fold is still pretty simple (definitely easier than a Babyzen Yoyo) and its big advantage is the ultra-lightweight 5.8kgs AND also the newborn-approved recline.

Why Choose The Mountain Buggy Nano?

I have to be honest – I don’t feel like there’s on big stand-out reason to choose the Mountain Buggy Nano. While the Nano is a good stroller, it wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t, but for me, it’s not like there’s one thing I can point to and go “That’s the reason someone would buy this one”… so if you like it, buy it.

Things to consider

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the Mountain Buggy Nano either. It does have a two-handed fold, so if you had your heart set on one-handed then maybe that’s the reason not to buy it.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 – Best All-Rounder

best travel strollers australia 2022 baby jogger city tour 2 folded

Okay! Back to a stroller that I can get excited about! And maybe the Tour 2 is the reason I just can’t pull together any enthusiasm for the Mountain Buggy Nano – because they are incredibly similar strollers in terms of size, price, and features – but the Tour 2 is just a bit better.

Why Choose the Baby Jogger City Tour 2?

Lightweight, compact, one-handed fold*, newborn-ready recline, tall seat, easy-to-clean fabrics. It just ticks all the boxes it needs to tick to be a sweet, simple, reliable little travel stroller. Until the Joolz Aer was released the Tour 2 was my favourite travel stroller. So now it comes in at a solid second place for me.

Things to consider

*I would suggest folding the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 yourself in a store before buying IF you have any difficulty using your hands, it is because it does require some dexterity and thumb strength to engage the folding mechanism. So it just might not be a one-handed fold for everyone. However, I have made a very detailed video going step by step on how to fold and open if you are having trouble with it. AND I would say a solid 95% of people if I told you it was tricky to fold would think I was joking.

Redsbaby Skip – Fan Following

best travel strollers australia 2022 redsbaby skip folded

Redsbaby is a brand you won’t find in retailers, they are sold directly through Redsbaby themselves, which is an Australian-based company (still manufactured overseas like everyone else, but owned in Australia). And Redsbaby does seem to have a pretty solid fan base despite not appearing in regular retailers. Though you can go along to Redsbaby Demo Days in your state to have a play in person.

Why Choose a Redsbaby Skip?

The Redsbaby Skip is a bit like a more affordable Mountain Buggy Nano. In fact, if you look at the overall shape and design they do appear very similar and they have the same features. Also because Redsbaby sells directly to the consumer they can offer a bit better value for money compared to retailers.

Things to consider

Not being able to try before you buy is one thing, but also not having a local retailer to take your stroller to for assistance if something goes wrong would also be something I’d suggest taking into account.

Edwards & Co Otto – Great Value For Money

best travel strollers australia 2022 edwards and co otto folded

Edwards & Co Otto is another stroller that looks and feels quite a bit like a Mountain Buggy Nano, and they take it one step further by also being a New Zealand brand, just like Mountain Buggy.

Why Choose an Edwards & Co Otto?

The Edwards & Co Otto is a pretty sweet all-rounder and does offer great value for money. The recline is for newborns, one-handed fold, and the included carry bag can be towed with the rear wheels out for easy transport.

Things to consider

One small thing to know is you will need to take the rear wheels off the Edwards & Co if you are travelling, however for everyday use you would just leave them on when folding for the boot of your car.

EasyWalker Miley – Best on a budget

easywalker miley 1

I’ve included the EasyWalker Miley as more of an option for people wanting to find something a bit more affordable as it’s not really in my option the “best travel stroller”, however, it does tick quite a few boxes at a pretty approachable price point.

Why Choose an EasyWalker Miley?

If you’re not really planning to use your travel stroller for much more than travelling, or a more premium stroller simply isn’t in the budget, the EasyWalker Miley will do the job. It does have a newborn recline and it is quite compact and lightweight. It will also help offset your carbon footprint from travelling as the fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Things to consider

It’s not strictly carry-on luggage size, so it would be wise to check with your airline before travelling (or before purchasing the EasyWalker) it also doesn’t seem to come with a bag or have one specifically for it. However, you can always purchase an appropriately sized bag to put it in for travelling.

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