Women’s Health

Failing to Conceive and PCOS

When you've had a baby and you're barely home from the hospital, settling into your new life as a parent, adjusting to the frequent feeds, the no sleep and living almost entirely on love and wonder, it already it begins. And already it begins. The overly personal question of “so…

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Menstrual Cups. Life-Changing. Period.

Menstruation is something most women have to deal with and I’m writing about it today because I’m coming up to a special anniversary. I’m just a few days off a whole year of no tampons and no pads.

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Talking about Mirena IUD

So we all have our reasons, but when choosing a contraceptive, it can be a stressful, and sometimes confusing time. We had just had our second son, and we discussed our future on whether another baby was an option for us or not.

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