Greyhound adoption – Story of The Sad and Lonely Greyhound

A Greyhound Story

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Once upon a time there was a sad and lonely greyhound.

When she first met her owner she’d never been inside. She was very scared and didn’t want to go into the building. Then she didn’t want to go into the car.

She didn’t know that she was about to start a new life.

When she arrived at her new home she ran straight outside. She was allowed in the house, but she was too scared. She’d never seen a house before. She didn’t know about homes. Or owners.

It Was Hard At First

The first few days she stayed outside. Then when she was brave she went into the garage to sleep and stay out of the rain. A few more days and she was able to go through the house to the front door to go for walks.

She started to like going for walks. At first walks were scary. She’d never been for walks before. She’d never seen parks. Or playgrounds or bridges or other people walking their dogs – they were the scariest of all.

But then walks were nice. It was worth quickly walking through the scary house to get outside into the big wide world.

More days passed and she started liking it inside. Inside was where her owner was. She could eat food inside if she wanted to. Inside was warm, the floor was soft, and it started to feel safer and safer every day.

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Not So Scary Afterall

Weeks went by and everything became easier. And a little less scary. The world started to seem fun, and interesting. She got a brand new green collar to tell people that she was friendly, and she didn’t have to wear a muzzle anymore.

Children would come to visit her. Children were scary too. She’d never seen small people before. But they were gentle and sweet. They patted her and talked to her. Every time they visited her she liked them a little more.

Until she realised she loved those little people too. Almost as much as she loved her owner. She discovered that little people like to play. She discovered that SHE likes to play too!

The house wasn’t scary anymore and the people weren’t scary anymore. The world outside – still a little scary – but she feels safe when she’s with her family.

The greyhound had never had a family before.

And now she has a family she’s not a sad and lonely greyhound anymore.

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The Whole Story

My mum adopted a greyhound named Jodie a few months ago. Something that I was a little nervous about – not knowing anything about greyhounds. I had imagined they were aggressive and dangerous to have around children. I had no idea how gentle and sweet greyhounds are. Or lazy! Jodie is her most happy if she’s laying on the couch with someone patting her. 

Some greyhounds can’t go into families with younger children, mostly because these dogs don’t have a lot of opportunities to socialise – so children can be very frightening to them. Though the organisation you adopt through will be able to advise whether or not a particular dog will be happy to go into a family with children.

Greyhounds desperately need to have an image change. People need to see them for what they are – loving, gentle, sweet natured family pets. They need love, and affection. They need families.

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Where to Adopt a Greyhound

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