Happy Hair Brush Review – On 2 Different Hair Types

I’m unreasonable excited about this hair brush coming into our lives. I received the Happy Hair Brush Family Starter Pack a few weeks ago at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch and it’s been a bit of a hair-game-changer.

We have a family of challenging hair and this brush has really lived up to it’s promise of quick and pain-free hair brushing.

Hair challenge number 1

My little girl absolutely HATES me brushing her hair. It’s a vicious cycle. She’s sensitive head and so brushing her hair is always an ordeal. So we don’t brush her hair often enough, so it gets really knotty. Also she has fine hair and a lot of it, so it mats up it birds nets at the back so quickly. Typically I can only brush her hair in the shower, soaking wet, full conditioner. And even then I’m lucky if she lets me finish. 

The Result With the Happy Hair Brush

I decided to REALLY put the Happy Hair Brush to the test. So, I set up a high stakes hair brushing situation to see if it could really perform miracles.

  1. I didn’t brush my daughter’s hair for a few days, so it was super tangled.
  2. We went to the pool.
  3. I brushed it dry without washing it first.

So, that’s knotty + chlorine + dry = ???

happy hair brush

Miraculously I managed to brush her hair with the Happy Hair Brush. While she did have a few little “ouch” moments, she still let me finish and the result was actually pretty amazing!

Note: obviously I washed her hair AFTER this. I just wanted to see if the brush could handle brushing her hair dry and “tacky” with chlorine after being in the pool.

I probably wouldn’t do this to her again unless I absolute had to. I’m mostly just excited that she’s letting me brush her hair dry in the mornings before school. This is definitely a first for us!

Hair challenge number 2

My boy has extremely long curly hair. His hair is so long that when it’s wet and brushed straight it hangs most of the way down his back. Though dry the curls bouce up around his shoulder blades.

It’s also prone to getting into manky dreadlocks right at the back of his neck where he struggles to reach when he’s trying to brush it himself. Thankfully he is extremely tolerant about getting his hair brushed. Every week or so I’ll get him to sit down with some kind of device to keep him entertained because it typically takes a solid 10-15 minutes to brush out.

Also I have to soak it with so much conditioner to get through the knots that I have to squeeze the excess out afterwards.

The Result

His hair doesn’t need setting up to make it difficult. It just is. So I did get him to wash, condition and rinse his hair before I brushed it wet.

The Happy Hair Brush just swept through his hair like it was nothing. From the before to the after was LESS THAN TWO MINUTES.

jaspers hair before and after

Not only did I not need to use the conditioner to help detangle – his hair was completely brushed before he’d even managed to load up his game. I still had to add conditioner to his hair after brushing it, because conditioner is still an essential part of his hair care routine, but it was completely unnecessary to the brushing process.

The other unexpected benefit of the happy hair brush was SO MUCH less breakage. I would normally have had to clean out a handful of fluffy blonde hair from the brush after a hair brushing session. Whereas with the Happy Hair Brush it only pulled out a few random strands. And this kid LOVES his hair and so it very pleased that more of it can stay on his head.

My Own Hair With the Happy Hair Brush

I don’t just let the kids have all the fun. I use the Happy Hair Brush on my own hair as well. My hair is a lot more straight forward, but I do still appreciate that it’s quite efficient at getting through the knots. Anything that saves me time is a winner.

Overall it’s a great brush and I’d happily recommend the Happy Hair Brush to any parent who’s having any trouble with their children’s hair brushing. Whether it’s the hair or the child that’s causing the challenge.

They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. So if you don’t love it, there’s no risk.

For more information head over to the Happy Hair Brush website or feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions.

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Rachel Stewart

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