Hotmilk Nursing Bra Review

hotmilk nursing bra
(Product image from Hotmilk)

I have to say I was thrilled to receive a Hotmilk “Mystery Nursing Bra” to review; I’ve heard so much about them from other people, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to try one myself.

I do prefer to try bras on in store, because I usually have a lot of trouble finding bras that fit and look nice on (and there are many Hotmilk stockist across Australia) however the size I ordered from Hotmilk fit perfectly – so I was pleasantly surprised.

I love the look of their whole range, they’re not just functional maternity bras; they’re pretty, sexy, fun, beautiful and elegant.

It has wide straps over the shoulder and around the back, so it’s really comfortable and it has a full cup so it’s very secure and supportive – which is important for me having a bigger bust.

Also the cup itself is soft and flexible, so it accommodates fluctuating breast size between breastfeeding.

Most importantly, I really liked the shape of the bra when it was on. After being a nursing mother for 6 years I’ve found it’s hard to find a nursing bra that looks nice on it’s own and also under clothes.

The only thing drawback for me, and this is a minor thing, is I prefer “Side sling” style nursing bras to “A-frame” nursing bras, which I didn’t realise at the time that I ordered it (one advantage of being able to try a bra on in store). Hotmilk also do a range of “side sling” nursing bras which I personally find easier for breastfeeding, though this is totally a matter of preference.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this product and I only wish I’d bought one for myself sooner!

If you’re unsure what I mean by “A-frame” or “Side sling” I’ve included a couple of pictures below to show the difference:

Hotmilk "Myster Nursing Bra"
Hotmilk “A-Frame” support.
"Maternity Sales"Nursing Bra
“Side Sling” support.