Maternity Wear Tips and Recommendations


You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate pregnancy and breastfeeding, nor do you need to buy maternity or nursing specific clothing. There are many different ways you can use regular clothes throughout these phases of your life.

Styles such as wrap dresses, flowy maxi-dresses, baby-doll dresses can work perfectly fine with a growing belly – especially if you opt for fabrics with a bit of stretch in them and possibly for a size or two bigger than you would normally wear.

Also by using a belly band you might be able to continue to wear your regular shorts, pants and jeans. 

Singlets are an absolute staple for breastfeeding – as is layering and v-neck style tops as discussed by Amy from Handbag Mafia who suggests heaps of breastfeeding friendly outfits without having to buy nursing specific clothing.


I wore this beautiful dress, which was chosen from regular bridesmaids dressed (not maternity wear) for my best friend’s wedding, when I was 20 weeks pregnant AND breastfeeding my eldest. The loose, flowing skirt accommodated my belly  and the deep V neck allowed me to easily pop my boob out over the top to feed my son at the end of the night.

But I do understand that not everyone is comfortable feeding in the “boob over the top” style breastfeeding and so sometimes though maternity or nursing specific clothing can be extremely helpful.

I asked a few friends what brands of maternity wear they would recommend and I put together the following list of great brands for Maternity and Nursing.


ASOS Maternity

Queen Bee

Pea in a Pod 

Jeanswest (specifically maternity jeans)


Old Navy

Queen Bee

Breast Mates (Specifically the Clip on cami)

Hot Milk Maternity Bras

I hope that helps! If you have any other recommendations please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below! 

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