Nude Food Movers EnviroBox Back To School Review

Nude Food Movers EnviroBox Back To School Review

I know I’m sneaking this in a little late – as many of us have already sent our children back to school and so will have made all the necessary lunch box purchases HOWEVER if you are still looking for the perfect lunch box that is affordable, easy to use, readily available and also comes in a range of bright colours, then take a look at this new range of Smash Nude Food Movers!


I was sent these products last month, but in all honesty had I not been offered to review them – specifically the new Envirobox, which is a new and improved version of the older Rubbish Free Lunch Box – I would have been purchasing one of these for my son anyway. So -score! Freebie! (Also note I have not been paid for this review.)




The reason I wanted the Envirobox is it’s basically the same as the Rubbish Free Lunch Box, just a more streamline design, but most importantly it’s made of out of a much harder plastic. It also doesn’t have any clips. The reason I’m super excited about this development is despite the fact I did really love the Rubbish Free Lunch Box that I bought when my son started prep 2 years ago, after a very short time the lids cracked and the clips snapped off. Which was really disappointing after I’d been so looking forward to using that particular lunch box. And while we’ve tried many different lunch boxes in the same price point, we haven’t found anything that we liked as much as the Rubbish Free Lunch Box.

When I was asked if I’d like to review the Envirobox my answer was an enthusiastic yes. But on one condition. I get to throw it around a little and make sure it stands up to a bit of a beating.

I’m happy to report that it’s still in one piece! I didn’t do anything TOO drastic with it, just a few simulated “school yard” situations. Dropped on the ground a few times, put it in a school bag and threw the bag around, tossed the lunch box down the hallway.  (As well as a side note to my children that “We really do need to take care of our things and treat them with respect. This is just Mummy doing it for work.” Obviously I’m not encouraging them to do this with their lunch boxes!)

So, I am TOTALLY happy to endorse the Nude Food Movers EnviroBox.

I was also sent a few other smaller Nude Food Mover boxes that are equally awesome in their own special ways.

Snack and Dip


This box is SO cute. I don’t know why but it just tickles me how compact and perfect it is. It makes me wish I worked out of my home so I could take it to a work place and have people say “oh, what is that little lunch box you’ve got there?” and I could say “WELL it’s a Nude Food Movers Snack and Dip box and it’s just lovely!” It’s pretty straight forward. You put your dip in the little internal compartment and then crackers, celery sticks or cut up carrot or cucumber in the other and BAM! You have a snack and dip in one container. (Sorry, I way too excited about this.)

Cracker Mover


It’s a small, fairly flat, container especially for crackers. You could put other things in it I’m sure, but because of the low profile of the cracker mover you won’t have quite so much cracker breakage from being bounced around and we all know that broken crackers for a toddler are an absolute travesty. I gave it a GOOD shake and even a few firm taps on the bench and only one cracker broke. So I’m calling that a win.

Fruity Mover


Don’t you love the name of it? Fruity mover. Adorable. It moves fruit. This is perfect for apples, oranges, peaches etc. especially if you plan to pre-cut them and don’t want them to fall apart of the juice to spill out into other parts of the bag. ALSO if you pack your child’s piece of Fruity Mover you’re reducing the chance that’ll get lost, squished and forgotten about in the bottom of their school bag. Ew. We’ve all been there.

Sandwich Mover



It’s a perfect sandwich sized lunch box, which is very practical if all you need to pack is a sandwich, or for supplying food to kindy or daycare where lunch and snacks need to be put on separate shelves, but it is just a little bit boring… UNLESS you are a genius like Kylie from Kidgredients and you do this with it.


If you’re still unsure about these lunch boxes, or you want to see them in action – OR if you’d just like to watch a video of me fumble through a video review… just… watch this: Enjoy!

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