Cross-over Nursing Sleep Bra Review

Jacquard-pull-over-nursing-sleep-bra-4150-main@4xOver the past week, I have been wearing the Cross-over Nursing Sleep Bra from Maternity Sale to bed. At 37weeks pregnant, and a size 16DD, I was interested to see how it felt to wear something all night.

To begin with the material is soft, flexible and supportive. As a ‘crop top’ style bra it has no clips and is as simple as pulling over your head. There was found to be no ‘scratchy’ seams or edges which is a big pro in my books. I found that my breasts were supported and I did not over heat from wearing the Sleep bra all night. In fact I barely noticed I was wearing it at all. This is amazing for someone who has never worn a sleep bra before.

The cross over style of the Sleep bra, does indicate that it will be easy to nurse during nights as there is no need to unclip a strap or struggle to pull down under the breast as some other crop top style bras require. It also minimises the stretching and disfiguration of the bra, meaning that it should last for a long period of time.

As a size 16, I found the XL bra to be very comfortable, but believe that for a larger woman (18C/18D) it may be too tight and restrictive to wear. And would love to see one or two larger sizes available for those with larger cup sizes than DD, especially knowing that breasts do normally get larger with in the influx of breast milk.

Overall I am really surprised and extremely happy with the Cross-over Nursing Sleep Bra. The support and breathablilty of the materials means that it is one piece of maternity wear that I will be happy to purchase more of and pack into my hospital bag.

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