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No, Thank You – From a NICU Nurse

*Trigger Warning - Discusses Neonatal Death* To the parents of the baby who passed away, As a NICU nurse, I have cared for the family and their beloved baby on the day they have passed away so many times.

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Life After Losing a Baby (Trigger Warning)

Recently I went and placed a single white rose on the grave of my daughter Melissa, she would have been 32 years old if she had lived. Melissa was born at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, 4th October 1982. She was delivered by cesarean and weighed only 5lb 3 oz…

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The Most Bittersweet Day Of The Year

Mother’s Day. For many, a day of sleep-ins, breakfast in bed, new slippers and handmade cards. For some, it also serves as a reminder of one of the most significant losses we can experience. For me, it is both of these things. My mother passed away on May 28th, 2008,…

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