Mother’s day

The Most Bittersweet Day Of The Year

losing mum

Mother’s Day. For many, a day of sleep-ins, breakfast in bed, new slippers and handmade cards. For some, it also serves as a reminder of one of the most significant losses we can experience. For me, it is both of these things.

My mother passed away on May 28th, 2008, the day after her 54th birthday and a couple of weeks after Mother’s Day. I don’t want to relive her illness and passing here, as almost 6 years on it is too raw a wound to re-examine.

I guess what I am doing is talking about why it’s such a hard day, when your own mum isn’t here to celebrate.

Mother’s Day For Mum and Me

mother's day

Mothers day, it’s almost upon us again. The chance for shops to spruke things that mums ‘want’. Those fluffy dressing gowns, the heated slippers, the foot baths, fizzy bath bombs, smelly soaps and the latest romantic novels.

But to me, mothers day has always been about making my mum breakfast, serving her a cup of tea, maybe a nice big bunch of flowers and seeing whether she would like to go to a farmers market.

Mother’s Day On A Budget

mother's day presents

Mother’s day is back! This day always sneaks up on me, as most years I consider myself the mother, and I forget about my own mother for Mother’s Day (sorry mum!) So with a few days to go, I’ve compiled a list of cheap and cheerful ways to say “Hey mum! I love you! And I’d totally buy you jewelry if I had the cash, but I don’t, so here’s what I got you instead!” (Don’t worry, my mum hasn’t been completely deprived, her birthday was a couple of months ago and I bought her jewelry then!)