Weaning My 4 Year Old – For Reals This Time

You could say I’m an expert on weaning. I should be, I’ve been doing it for the last 2 years. I’ve spent more time trying to wean my daughter than I've spent just breastfeeding her.

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Why Fed IS Best

So apparently there’s some controversy behind the simple statement: Fed is Best. It’s a take on “breast is best” and in three little words it acknowledges all the different way we can feed our babies that might be best for our circumstances: breastfed, formula fed, tube fed, mix fed, cross…

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” Home-cooked Food for Babies and Toddlers ” Review

I recently received a lovely little recipe book and good guide by Sandra Beynon, a mother who says she’s wanting to pass on her love of cooking for her baby (who is now a grown teenager).

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Rewards, Incentives and Bribing Children

But I do have some reservations about bribing children to behave in a certain way. I'm not going to say do it or not do it. I'm in no way an expert at parenting and I'm absolutely not an expert on YOUR children, I can only share my thoughts based…

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My Last World Breastfeeding Week While Breastfeeding

It’s occurred to me this is my very last “World Breastfeeding Week” as a breastfeeding mother. With any luck my youngest will be weaned soon, and even though in my heart I would like another baby, I know there’s a really strong possibility that our daughter is our last child…

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7 Tips for Gently Weaning a Toddler

My daughter is 2 and for me that signifies the end of “demand feeding”. I did the same with my son, after 2 years old of breastfeeding him on he was gently restricted to only feeding at home, at night, in bed. This sounds so easily done, 2 years of…

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