7 Ways to Procrastinate Like An Expert

7 Ways to Procrastinate Like An Expert

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I am the queen of procrastinating. If procrastination was a sport I’d definitely think about the possibility of maybe entering one day.

There are so many fabulous ways to procrastinate where you can stay busy and active, while achieving practically nothing.



This is my son’s favourite form of procrastinating. Every time I ask him to do his homework he’s suddenly starving and need to eat all the things before he could even consider the possibility of doing his homework. He also gets a side bonus of if he eats enough he can use “My tummy hurts I need to lie down.”


For times when you really should be doing some kind of work and so instead of actually doing that thing that you’re supposed to be doing, even though it has a looming deadline and you’ve been fretting over it for weeks…. Suddenly you need to empty out all the cupboards, clean and rearrange your work desk, and go through all of the kids toys. Be very careful with procrasticleaning though, because you might accidentally do something productive – so stick to impossibly huge tasks or things that you can leave half done.



The whole task of Procrastibaking is actually a perfect combination of Procrastineating and Procrasticleaning, because of course you’ll have to (half) clean the kitchen after you’ve finished and then sit down to eat your baked goods. This strategy can really ineffectively use up half a day. Longer if you include kids.


Excellent if you are a writer, because you cannot possibly sit down to write something without first researching every aspect of the topic, from all angles, and then click through to Youtube and two hours later have no idea why you’re watching a fascinating video about why the sky is blue.


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Before you start ANY task the very first thing you need to do is let everyone know you’re doing it! Get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – announce to the world that you are about to start doing something productive. Don’t forget to then check back across all forms of social media to see what people have commented, and feel free while you’re there to have a little scroll around…


need help

Ideally what you’re looking for is something with at least 6 seasons already released on Netflix. Don’t start something that you can finish in a week – this is full commitment to procrastination stuff. You want to be aiming for losing at least a month of your life.


Enough said….

On that note, I should probably actually get back to what I was supposed to be doing when I first started writing this. (Bonus tip – Procrastiblogging)

What’s your favourite way to procrastinate?

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


  1. Procrastiwining, procrastichocolating; in fact, do these together for a double bonus!!! Geeze…need to stop procrastiblogging myself ;/

  2. You had me chuckling at all the ways I tend to put off doing a task with things I like even less… We really can be very odd creatures!

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