Aldi Sparkling Wines Review – Great Aldi Wines For Every Budget

I love sparkling wine. There’s nothing quite like a bottle (or two) of bubbles, especially during the festive season. I also love getting a bit of champagne on a beer budget.

Aldi have recently introduced a few more sparkling wines to their range! Yay! And Aldi’s slogan for their booze is “Don’t knock it till you try it” – so I decided to try a few!

*Please note I’m not a wine expert. I just like wine. So these are just my personal and uncultured opinions. Though apparently it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything and I have to admit I’m definitely working on clocking up those hours of drinking sparkling wine.

Monsigny Premier Cru Champagne NV 750ml $29.99

Monsigny Premier Cru Champagne is part of Aldi’s limited seasonal wine that comes out over the holiday season, and is only available for a limited time while stock last.

First thoughts – did I really just spend $30 for a bottle of wine at Aldi?! However, I read a heap of very positive wine reviews from people who sounded like they knew what they were talking about, and many of them were describing $30 for champagne as cheap. Which is accurate, because this is actual French Champagne, as opposed to good old “Sparkling wine”.

So, I was willing to give it a go.

And I haven’t quite decided how I feel about it. It was a very enjoyable wine. It was very full-bodied and full-flavoured compared to a lot of the other Aldi Sparkling Wines I’ve tried. With a hint of that bready/toasty/creamy experience, you get from much more expensive champagnes. Also, it smells amazing. Overall it was a wine that demanded attention, it’s not just for quaffing, it’s for savouring.

However, I suspect I set my expectations a little too high for the Monsigny Premier Cru Champagne. While I enjoyed it, would happily drink it again, will probably buy another bottle for a special occasion like over Christmas and New Years, but maybe didn’t love it as much as I wanted to love it.

Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne NV – $21.99

Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne NV 1

The Veuve Monsigny Brut Champagne NV (Non vintage, it took me far too long to work out that’s what NV stands for). It’s everything I want from an inexpensive champagne. It’s dry, and creamy, with well balanced fruit flavours with that little bit of a bready/toasty thing going that I just love about champagne.

I very much enjoyed it. Though it could still have been more. It is still an inexpensive champagne. It had hints of what I love about a really good champagne, but it was almost a tease. I wanted more of those elements. But I would be more than happy to serve to guests at a dinner party of a celebration as an impressive, but affordable, champagne. Especially if you don’t tell anyone it’s from Aldi.

Collezione Oro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore 2019 – $12.99

aldi prosecco

My first impression of this wine the Collezione Oro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is tasted more like an apple cider and wine. Prosecco typically is described as fruity wine, but this to me wasn’t just hints of apple or pear, it was actually apple flavoured. If you handed it to me and told me it was apple cider I would not ask questions. I might just think “Gee, this apple cider tastes a bit like wine”.

Which wasn’t at all a bad thing, it was very enjoyable, but also very interesting.

Overall it was Collezione Oro Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore was very light, crisp, and refreshing. As well as very bubbly and fizzy. While technically a dry wine, I would almost describe it as sweet. Which I guess all those factors contributed to feeling a lot like drinking a cider rather than a sparkling wine.

I also quite like the bottle.

Grande Reserve Vallee Des Secrets Cuvee Brut Exceptionelle – $12.99

GHrande Reserve Vallee Des Secrets

The Grande Reserve Vallee Des Secrets was the wine I was most excited about trying out, because I had a sneaking suspicion that this would be the optimal price point to get really great value for money from Aldi. I have found some great little wines in the $12-15 price point, and I thought if anyone was going to get that right it would be Aldi. Also this is about my sweet spot price wise for a cheeky mid-week drink with dinner. It’s close to $10 than it is to $20, which makes it that much easier to slip one into my trolley. 

I would say that the Grande Reserve Vallee Des Secrets met my expectations. It didn’t knock it out of the park, but I really enjoyed the citrus and hints of fruit flavours in this wine. It did have a lot of flavour to it, so it would be lovely with strong cheeses. It’s not an exciting wine, but it’s enjoyable all the same. 

Corte Carista Prosecco DOC NV – $9.99

Corte Carista Prosecco DOC NV

Firstly, I’m not a big prosecco drinker. I often find they can be a bit too fruity, sweet and sometimes even a bit like beer in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. So when I say I quite liked the Corte Carista Prosecco that may need to be taken into context. I enjoyed that it was very light, and very crisp. The fruit flavours made it feel very summery, and it was definitely a dry prosecco. I feel like this would be a perfect summer BBQ wine. I was drinking it having visions of friends standing around on a deck laughing and smiling in the sunlight. But it’s very a casual wine. Like it would pair perfectly a sausage in bread and  I wouldn’t object to drinking it out of a plastic cup.

Corte Carista La Cortellina – $8.99

Corte Carista La Cortellina

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the Corte Carista La Cortellina from looking online. When you go to the Aldi website it doesn’t even provide you with a price, let alone a description of the wine. It doesn’t even seem to say the grape blend. So, firstly the Corte Carista La Cortellina costs $8.99, so it sneaks into that “under $10” price point. It’s also a sparkling Pinot Grigio – which I can’t recall actually ever trying before. I do enjoy a Pinot Grigio, I would often go for a Pinot Grigio on the rare occasion I’m not in the mood for bubbles.

I absolutely loved it. It’s light, dry and very very drinkable. Similar to the Corte Caristsa Prosecco it tastes like good times with friends if such a thing could be bottled. The flavour isn’t very complex, and the lightness on the alcohol, so it just went down smoothly and easily. 

I think the Corte Carista La Cortellina would be my new go-to “back up” wine when hosting a social event. The wine you have after you’ve cracked out the “good wine”. It’s very affordable, but still very very enjoyable, so nobody would notice the seamless transition from drinking good champagne to drinking $10 sparkling wine. 

Yellowglen Chardonnay Pinot Noir & Prosecco – $7.99


I would say that the Aldi Exclusive Yellowglen Chardonnay Pinot Noir & Prosecco is a fractionally better wine to the inexplicably popular Yellowglen Yellow. It is also sold at a similar price point. That said, I’m in no way in love with this wine and I’m unlikely to ever buy it again. It reminds me of a “House sparkling” from a local family friendly, Woolworths owned, pub. It’s fine, it’s drinkable, it’s not memorable or exciting. It’s just an acceptable, affordable, basic, sparkling white wine.

Yellowglen Chardonnay Pinot Noir Prosecco Rosé


To start off, Rosé isn’t my go-to, neither is Prosecco and while we’re at it I’m a bit wary of Yellowglen and a wine under $10 but here we are, maybe I’ve been converted. It’s light and refreshing. Dry enough but there’s still a balanced sweetness to it. I feel like it would be a crowd pleaser, you could serve it to a group of people if they lean sweet or dry. They’ve just got to love bubbles because it is very brightly bubbly. 

Flavours are crisp citrus and strawberry. Toss in some fresh berries and throw together a cheese platter and you’ve got yourself a perfect girls night in.

Veuve Olivier French Sparkling Wine NV – $7.49

Veuve Olivier French Sparkling Wine NV aldi sparkling wine review

I really wanted to like this wine. The Veuve Olivier French Sparkling Wine NV won Gold prize in the 2018 Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge (whatever that is?) so I had some expectations of this very very affordable, allegedly award winning wine. Maybe because I had raised expectations that’s why I just didn’t like this wine as much as I thought I would. It wasn’t not-drinkable, it just wasn’t great. I think it’s worth stretching the budget a couple of dollars more and getting any of the above wines that still come in under that $10 a bottle price point. I would happily drink it if it was the only wine available, but I wouldn’t buy it again.

South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV – $4.99

South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV 750ml Aldi sparkling wine

South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV is a hard no from me. I had it once at a BBQ and I finished my glass so to not offend my host, but I didn’t pour a second glass. Life is too short for bad wine. I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato / Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosa – $4.49


Full disclosure: I say I don’t love Prosecco, but I will drink it on occasion, whereas I actively dislike Moscato. So I’m not really in a position to judge what makes a moscato “good”. They all taste like cordial mixed with perfume to me. So I had to ask friends who are Moscato drinkers for their opinion of the Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato and the Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato Rosa and it was mostly positive. The feedback I received for this wine was that they love it and it’s their go-to cheap Moscato of choice. While others said it’s okay, but there are better Moscatos out there at a similar price point.

No Longer Available 

Please note this was originally published in December 2018 (Updated in July 2020), so the following wines have been since discontinued:

Felix & Lucien Blanc de Blancs Brut – $12.99

The Felix & Lucien Blanc de Blancs Brut was very straight forward sparkling wine. It was crisp, dry, and quite a clean finish. Which is exactly what I look for in a “cheaper” wine and what I was hoping for in an Aldi sparkling wine. Not very complex in flavour, but it goes down easily – to be honest maybe a little too easily. It’s not fussy. It’s a very relaxed wine at a very relaxed price point. So I feel like it’s ideal for a cheeky mid-week glass of wine, or to have at the end of a night after you’ve run out of better wine.

So while it didn’t have a lot going on, I also have no complaints. I will definitely buy it again at that price point. Just to have over the Christmas period if we need some “spare” wine.

Cuvee Deor Prosecco “The Gold Collection” – $12.99

Just to be upfront, I don’t normally love Prosecco. I don’t hate it, and if it’s what’s on hand I’ll drink a Prosecco over a non-sparkling white and definitely prefer it to a red. But I do strongly prefer champagne, or champagne style (ie Methode Traditionelle). Prosecco is typically more fruity and slightly sweeter than champagne. And sweet and fruity is not to my personal taste.

So taking that into account I did still enjoy Aldi Cuvee Deor Prosecco. It was dry enough for me, it was crisp, light and fruity. I’d say it was a pleasantly refreshing summery wine.

Also, the bottle is super pretty. I’m keeping the bottle. I’ve peeled off the labels and using it as a candle holder. So even though I wouldn’t necessarily buy it again for myself, I’d maybe get it if I had a friend coming over who I knew loves Prosecco. So I could seem like a super accommodating host and also so I could get more of these gorgeous gold bottles.

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  1. I don’t drink alcohol but we have family and friends who like a glass of bubbles when over for dinner. It good to know a can get nice bottle on thr cheaper side from aldi

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