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Helen’s Hill Winery Review

Helen’s Hill

Helen’s Hill was the most industrial of all the of wineries we visited on our tour of Yarra Valley wineries. Though it was settled in amongst tall gum trees and surrounded by vast vineyards. Of all the wineries we visited (which you can see them all here) Helen’s Hill is the one that I am most wanting to go back to. Not just because the wine was amazing and the service was impeccable… but also because it was the last winery we visited that day and my note taking skills were suffering towards the end of the day. So I’m going to apologise in advance for our wine tasting notes. They’re very vague, although they are very enthusiastic. 

The Venue

helens hill venue

There is so much I love about this space. I’ve actually been thinking about maybe hosting my upcoming 30th birthday at Helen’s Hill, because it’s such a great venue. I can see my family and friends sitting around the tables, spilling out on the large “Wine Deck” and enjoying some of their incredible wine. Also if you notice the wine barrels through the glass, that is merely a glimpse of the huge, two-story-high racks of wine barrels. I really loved that look into the actual wine-making process.

The Grounds

helens hill the grounds

Who needs immaculate lawns and gardens when you could have giant wine silos to look at? (I’m serious. I thought this side of the estate was very cool). There are some gardens, full of native plants and gum trees, given the place a great Australian, laid back vibe. There is also a huge lawn that can be hired out for catered functions. Also I enjoyed the drive through to property to get to the Cellar door, because it’s just hypnotic row after row of grape vines.

For Groups And Weddings

helens hill groups

It’s ideal to book ahead for groups larger than 10 people, which is only a $3 per person payable on the day – making it one of the best value wineries for large groups. Also if you do book ahead you’ll be able to sample their premium range of wine at no extra cost – which is a fabulous bonus! And they can cater to groups of up to 40 people.

For Families

helens hill families

The Cellar Door is all very pram-accessible with ramps. There is also plenty of space both indoors and on the wine deck that a pram wouldn’t get in the way. In saying that with all the ramps and stairs up to the venue it could be a nerve racking visit with adventurous babies and toddlers. Older children would have fun running around on the lawn overlooked by the wine deck for easy supervision.

The Food

helens hill food

We did enjoy the chocolate we purchased at the cellar door. Alternatively there are several food packages for group functions at the cellar door, including cheese and tasting platters, BBQ packages, stone fire pizzas and cocktail finger foods. They also have children’s meals included in their packages, so that does also suggest that it is a family-friendly venue. Just contact Helen’s Hill and I’m sure the friendly staff will help you out! 

The Wine

Okay, so, I really did drop the ball on this one. I’m thinking honesty is the best policy here so I’m going to give you our wine tasting notes exactly as we wrote them. Actually… I’m going to show you the notes in all their glory.wine tasting notes

So, to help decipher our scrawl:

Pinot Grigio “Yay”

Pinot Nior“Easy drinking”

The Cabernets “Great, dry, full bodied, happy place.”

Fume Blanc Amazeballs”

Chardonnay “Eh”

Syrah Hilltop“OMG Yes” (and it even received a second “Yes” from the friend who usually drinks South Australian wines and wasn’t as impressed with Yarra Valley reds in general. So her approval was very high praise.)

I also made a couple of vague notes that the Sauvignon Blanc was fresh, crisp and very enjoyable. Also the two sparkling white wines were lovely.

“The Most Fun”

One of the other notes scribbled in my notebook was “The most fun”, which is what really matters. We had an amazing time. I think part of my fond memories of Helen’s Hill was because I put down the notepad and pen so I could just enjoy the experience. But I will endevour to get back there sometime soon so I can give you a little bit more of a detailed description of the wine. Though really, if a wine is “Amazeballs” what more could you possibly need to know?

 So I hope you enjoyed this review and our Yarra Valley Time For Wine series. We will be heading back to Yarra Valley, or another wine region, as soon as possible so I can bring you some more reviews. If there are any wineries around Victoria you think I should check out please let me know!

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    1. I’m a bit sad it’s over for now. I’m planning another lot of these soon. My vision is a comprehensive guide to the Yarra Valley… but there’s just so many wineries. It’s hard, but someone’s gotta do it.;)

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