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Kellybrook Winery

Kellybrook Winery was the first winery we visited on our Yarra Valley wine tour. It’s only a 45 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD so it’s one of the closest wineries to Melbourne. It’s opening hours are 10am to 5pm – Thursday to Monday (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)

The Venue

kellybrook winery

The vibe at this family owned vineyard is sweet, charming, and welcoming. The indoor space is cosy and feels as much like walking into a friend’s dining room as it does a cellar door. It is a fairly small and intimate space.

The Gardens

kellybrook winery tree


The garden is what makes this winery a must-visit. It feels a bit like “The Secret Garden” wandering through archways, up a series of steps and paths to the top of the garden where there is a 120 year old oak tree. Unfortunately there is a sign saying please don’t climb the branches as that was the first thing I wanted to do when I saw it! It really is the perfect spot for photos, picnics and even wedding ceremonies.

The Service

kellybrook winery service

We found the service to be very warm and friendly. Though on a Saturday they only had one person serving which meant we had to wait to be served. While we were given lots of interesting information about the wines and history of the winery, there was only so much time and attention one person could give us while there were two other small groups in the venue at the same time. 

For Families

kellybrook winery

Kellybrook Winery seems quite family friendly, they even specifically catering to families with children in the upcoming annual Kellybrook Cider Festival, and they’re also hosting their yearly Easter Egg hunt! So I think families should feel very welcome to visit. Children who are old enough to be unsupervised would enjoy exploring the gardens and the estate is small enough that they won’t get lost. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a pram, because the inside space is quite small, and also keep in mind all the stairs might be a little stressful with an adventurous toddler.

For Groups And Weddings

kellybrook winery

Groups larger than 10 need to make a booking. We were told they said they can cater to groups as large as 65 people with enough time in advance. Though large groups would need to use both indoor and outdoor spaces – which means the weather is something to consider. Though in the warmer months it would be a spectacular venue to spill out onto the large veranda and surrounding gardens. There is also a garden marquee for weddings.

The Food

kellybrook winery food

Kellybrook Winery sell a variety of local produce that pairs perfectly with their wines – they even supply picnic baskets for people who want to take full advantage of the gardens. It was all reasonably priced. We enjoyed a couple of sticks of Kabana ($7), a small block of cheese ($7), and a loaf of crusty bread ($2).

The Wine Tasting

kellybrook winery

The wine tasting cost $5 per person, which is redeemable on the purchase of any wine. The volume of wine was quite generous and worth every cent.  It’s also worth noting all the wines were quite light in flavour – so it was a perfect first winery for our wine tour before we got into some bigger, bolder wines later in the day.

Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay 2012 Brut –Very dry, but well balanced sparkling. $35 My Top Pick

Chardonnay 2014 –  Mild flavour and very drinkable. $24

Riesling 2015 – Dry, not at all sweet. Quite crisp and refreshing. $22

Pinot Noir 2015 – Somewhat sweet and light, cherry flavours. $30

Shiraz 2014 –  Very light for a Shiraz, but I found it pleasant as someone who doesn’t normally enjoy Shiraz. $27

Apple Cider – Absolutely amazing. Was like biting into an apple. Just incredible cider. $25 for 6 330ml bottles

Pear Cider – Pleasant, but it was more floral and blossomy than fruity compared to the apple cider. $25 for 6 330ml bottles.

Extra Information

Kellybrook Cider Festival coming up 6/7th May Price is $20 for adults and children are free.

Kellybrook Easter Egg Hunt Facebook Event

Or just follow them on Facebook.


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    1. I know. SO hard. though it’s a bit like a TV series in that I did them all in one day…. full disclosure… the 5th winery in the series isn’t quite as thoroughly reviewed as the first. I wasn’t quite as… errm… focused…. and the wine just started to taste like wine.

    1. Oh I hear you! I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding pretty much forever. It’s so great going out and doing things like this now that nobody is living in or on my body.

  1. Is the apple cider alcoholic? Or is it like American Apple Cider which is just Apple pretty much? I’m not big on wine, but it sounds nice!

    1. ?? It’s fun to see the differences between cultures here. I’ve been trying to find the American style cider for ages. It’s a huge thing in the autumn in the US, but I haven’t seen anything like it in Australia yet.

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