LCHF Chocolate Brownie – Sweet Potato and Almond Brownie


lchf chocolate brownie 3I was a little nervous baking this for my birthday because I pretty much just blended together two different recipes with absolutely no experience making either of them. By some miracle it turned out great (but admittedly I have done a lot of baking, so I’ve got a little base knowledge to go along with it…. And perhaps just a bit of a lucky fluke!) I was a little afraid I was going to regret not going with my old faithful LCHF Bake Blueberry Cheesecake which I have whipped out at every birthday and event in the last year since I started eating low-carb. So I am glad I was brave, because it was time for a bit of a change. It was time for chocolate cake! 

For those also counting carbs if you divide this LCHF chocolate brownie into 12 serves there is just under 10 grams of carbs per serve, so while it’s not super low carb, it’s definitely an allowable treat even when strictly low carbing.


LCHF Chocolate Brownie

1 cup of steamed and pureed sweet potato (You’ll need a medium sized sweet potato. Cut it into cubes and pop in a steamer over boiling water for about 10-15 minutes, until the sweet potato is tender right through then puree until completely smooth)

1 cup of almond meal

½ cup of melted butter

½ cup cocoa powder

3 eggs

½ cup sugar-free sweetener (or sweetener to the equivalent of ½ a cup of sugar)

Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing

125 gram cream cheese

4 tablespoons cocoa powder

Add sweetener to taste


Place all the cake ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend thoroughly with a beater.

Spoon batter out onto a greased or non-stick cake tin and smooth down.

Bake in a 160 deg oven for 30 minutes or until a skewer or fork comes out cleanly from the centre.

Allow to cool.

When the cake is cooled prepare the cream cheese icing by placing all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mixing with a beater for a couple of minutes until smooth and creamy. Spread over the cake and you’re done!

lchf chocolate brownie 2


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