5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Not Do Pole Fitness

5 Reasons That You Shouldn’t Not Do Pole Fitness

Firstly, we’re following the double negative here, right? I’m suggesting maybe you SHOULD do pole fitness – if you really want to. (If not, no drama. I get it’s not for everyone.)

I’ve been doing Pole Fitness now for only 5 months – but I almost can’t imagine not doing it. It’s still my favourite part of the week. And I’m currently sussing out the logistics, time table and budget for adding an extra session of pole to my week. Because waiting a whole week between classes is just too long. Though even doing it just once a week I’ve DEFINITELY noticed a difference in my strength and fitness.

A couple of months ago I wrote “5 Unexpected Benefits Of Pole Fitness“. But I was thinking about all the things that hold people back from doing Pole fitness when they really WANT to do it. Because I wanted to do Pole Fitness FOR YEARS before I actually finally signed up for my first class. Literally years. As soon as I first heard it was a thing I knew it would be something I’d love. And then a few years ago a couple of friends started doing it – and one of those friends is now an instructor at Storm Studios – which made me even more keen to do it. But I always had reasons/excuses not to go.

So if you’re wanting to do a Pole Fitness/Pole Dance class and you keep talking yourself out of it, here are 5 reasons that you shouldn’t not do it.

You’re not fit enough/flexible enough/skinny enough/coordinated enough/young enough

pole fitness

Repeat after me: “I AM ENOUGH.”

Remember if you start a fitness class to get fit, and build your strength! That’s the point. Nobody is expecting you to do everything on your first day in a beginner class.

And best part is if you start at in a beginner class – everyone else will be beginners also. You won’t be alone! In my class there’s a range of ages, fitness, body types, strength, flexibility and so on. You just do you. And you will improve over time.

Though if you do have any concerns about your mobility talk to your teacher about it and they should adjust the moves to work with your ability. I was talking to a pole teacher about this and she said she can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be willing to work with wherever their student is at physically.

The Shoes/Outfits Are Scary

pole fitness

You don’t have to dress in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable. The clothing is optional. I mean, it’s not exactly “clothing optional”. You probably shouldn’t go completely naked. But you don’t HAVE to wear the booty shorts, crop tops and 8 inch heels.

But you can if you want to! And the more skin you have exposed, the more skin you have to grip onto the pole. But you can still do it in regular work out gear, or leggings if you want to!  You can even get leggings that are designed to grip the pole like bare skin!

Though there is also something fun and sexy about wearing the little pole shorts. It’s TOTALLY up to you and whatever YOU feel comfortable in.

As for shoes – you can absolutely do pole with bare feet! Though if you’re looking for recommendations “Pleaser” brand pole shoes are really well designed and surprisingly comfortable. I’ve also discovered that platform heels in general seem to work better and are easier to walk in than regular heels. Who knew.

Your Friends Don’t Want To Go

pole fitness
Being awesome on my own.

This was a problem for me. I didn’t want to go alone. And I didn’t have anyone who would go with me. I was afraid if I went by myself I wouldn’t make any friends. I’d be shy, and just feel silly and awkward.

But I am silly and awkward, but that’s okay! Because so are half the people in my class. I ended up making friends at the studio really quickly. They have been some of the nicest, funniest, friendliest people I’ve met. Everyone is there to have a good time. Not judge you and make you feel bad. Also if you go to a beginner class then everyone else is also a beginner! So you all struggle – and then gradually improve – together.

If you can rope a friend in to go with you, then try to do that. I think it would still be easier to walk into a class of strangers with someone for backup. But if you can’t, don’t let that stop you. Because you might make friends there. And if not, it’s still a fantastic work out even if you’re dancing on your own.

It’ll Hurt

pole fitness

So,  if you’re interested in Pole Fitness because you have friends who already do Pole then you’re probably already aware of the bumps and bruises. Because it’s almost part of the sport, right? Not just the getting the bumps and bruises, but the bragging about it. Every bruise on my leg right now (and there are quite a few) are like bluish badges of honour that say “I’m totally badass”. (Though to people who see me walking down the street they maybe say “I walk into coffee tables – a lot”.)

Though I remember my first couple of sessions being a little worried, asking will my hands always hurt THIS MUCH. And they don’t. Also the first many times doing a “lay out” I felt like my skin was ripping off my inner thighs. Now it’s one of my favouite things to do. And yeah, that’s an ouch face. But a minute later it’s “HOLY F*CK YEAH I’M THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER.” Because I did the thing. Even if the thing hurt a bit.

Not Enough Money or Not Enough Time

These might be legit reasons. These were the biggest stumbling blocks for me signing up to do a class. Most of the pole fitness studios in my area ran 8 week courses that needed to be paid up front. With average classes priced around $30 a week. It was just too much money to pay all at once.

Even the ones that offered a payment plan it was a struggle to commit that $30 a week for that period of time. What if I didn’t like it?! With a payment plan I’d still have to continue paying whether or not I continued.

Also with all my work and family commitments I was stressed about how to actually fit in the time. It is really could be hard to take an hour or so out of an already busy week!

Which is why I really like that the studio I go to – The Pole Room – have a subscription based payment structure. I get to pay fortnightly, I’m not locked in to a particular class and I can cancel my subscription at any time. (I won’t. I’m thoroughly hooked.) So I really appreciate that flexibility. #notsponsored #justsuperlovethem

So I’m going to say, if you REALLY want to do pole and it’s time and/or money that’s stopping you, rather than it being a reason you shouldn’t do pole, it’s a reason you can’t do pole right now. Maybe someday in the future your circumstances will change and you’ll get a chance to come play.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I started pole 4 years ago as an uncoordinated nervous 50 yr old, starting a class alone with a room full of girls my daughter’s age. Best thing I’ve ever done!❤️

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