Pumpkin Butter Chicken Recipe

As promised - this is my new and improved “Butter Chicken” recipe. I’m putting “butter chicken” in quotation marks at this point because I feel like I’ve altered this so much that it doesn’t exactly resemble the traditional dish.

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Why Fed IS Best

So apparently there’s some controversy behind the simple statement: Fed is Best. It’s a take on “breast is best” and in three little words it acknowledges all the different way we can feed our babies that might be best for our circumstances: breastfed, formula fed, tube fed, mix fed, cross…

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” Home-cooked Food for Babies and Toddlers ” Review

I recently received a lovely little recipe book and good guide by Sandra Beynon, a mother who says she’s wanting to pass on her love of cooking for her baby (who is now a grown teenager).

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I Quit Cooking Dinner!

I’m over cooking dinner. Thinking about it. Planning it. Buying it. (Spending all that money.) Bringing it home. Cooking it. Serving it. Hoping it actually gets eaten. All of it. The whole process. I’m over it.

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5 Practical Tips to Help your Fussy Eater

Children who have food sensitivities may be defensive towards the taste, texture, smell, colour or even shape of the food. It is important to be patient and have strategies in place to ensure meal time is fun and stress-free. Children with sensory processing challenges often are considered ‘fussy eaters’, as…

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Things I Swore I’d Never Do As A Mum

Before I actually had kids I had all sorts of ideas about the type of mum I wanted to be. I wasn’t going to let having kids change my life, or change the type of person I was, and my kids were going to be well behaved, well dressed and…

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Red Bread and The Way She Eats

As a pre-baby mum I promised myself to always provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks to my kids no matter what. But 3 years later I have miss 3 and miss 9 months and guess what??? Miss 3 can be as stubborn in regards to eating a variety of…

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“Ban The Bottle” – A Formula For Disaster

In Venezuela, law-makers will be discussing legislation which would deny parents access to formula, with exceptions including mothers with limited milk supply or in the case of the death of the mother.

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Tips For Feeding Hungry Kids Without Going Crazy

Is it bad to admit I'm a bit over feeding my kids? Sure I'm grateful to have healthy, energetic children with good appetites, but sometimes I run out of ideas and sometimes I feel like we're running out of food! What do your children like to eat?

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The slogan is “Breast is best”, but more accurately “breast milk is best”. Because some mothers do experience genuine difficulties breastfeeding – breast is not best if for whatever reason your baby is not being sustained by breast feeding, or breastfeeding alone. However sometimes Doctors, Childrens Health Nurses, Midwifes do…

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Newborn Shopping Guide

Babies are not like a cake, there’s no set list of ingredients with instructions that will get you the results you are looking for – so keep in mind that this newborn shopping guide is just that - a guide.

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