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Yering Farm

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Yering Farm is just down the road from Yering Station and is an absolutely adorable winery. And it has such a cute, old, Australian farm vibe. 

The Venue

yering farm venue

The cellar door and wine tasting is inside a converted old barn, and while the space is quite small compared to some of the other wineries we visited, it was a very open space with a very long bar. So even though we were sharing the space with several other groups it was cosy without being cramped. There’s also a great flow from indoor to the covered veranda area, and so there were a few people also sitting around the tables outside, enjoying a drink and taking the beautiful farm scenery.

The Grounds


The outdoor space has a reasonably large, gently sloping yard, surrounded by vineyard and farms. They even had sheep roaming around just on the other side of the fence. Even though there’s no gardens or manicured grounds, there was something so beautiful and charming about really feeling like you’re on a real, working, farm.

For Groups and Weddings

yering farm wedding

Of all the wineries we’ve been to so far Yering Farm would most suit me for a wedding venue. Maybe because I grew up rurally, so the relaxed country vibe of the place really appealed to me. Because of the open spaces Yering Farm can accommodate a large wedding, up to 150 people. Check out their wedding page for more information.

For group wine tasting you will need to make a booking, but for small groups of less than ten people you can just turn up, and the tasting is free!

For Families

yering farm for famillies


Because of the large, reasonably flat, open yard and relaxed, informal vibe, Yering Farm would be a great place for young children. There’s no stairs so it’s all very accessible for prams, provided your pram can handle a bit of gravel and grass. While we were there a family were sitting up under the verandah watching their toddler run around on the grass (She was chasing a butterfly. So ridiculously adorable.) Though only drawback is older children could possibly get a little bored as there’s nothing really to see or explore. But they might enjoy having a chat with the sheep over the back fence.

The Wine

yering farm wine

All the wines leaned towards the light, sweet, and floral side – with a couple of exceptions – which meant this wasn’t hitting the right spot for our group, because we all have a preference towards drier and crisper, fuller bodied style of wines


2016 Rabbit Run Sauvignon Blanc – This would be my top pick for this winery. It was the only wine I felt delivered on the dry, crisp, and clean flavours I was looking for. $24

2015 Rabbit Run Unoaked Chardonnay – Had a very mild flavour, but was pleasantly dry, so while it was an easy drinking wine it was a little bland. $25

2014 Winemaker’s Selection Chardonnay. Quite acidic, dry, and being barrel fermented it had that distinct woody flavour of an oaked Chardonnay. $35


2016 Duck Down Under Pinot Rose. Very fruity, light and a little sweet. $25

2015 Estate Pinot Noir – Dry and drinkable, but was a little too light and bland. $35

2012 Winemaker’s Selection Pinot Noir – Very dry, full bodied, and warming. This was the favourite wine of the two red drinkers in our group who said it was the perfect wine for curling up with at the end of a long day. $50

2015 The Fox Trot Shiraz. Light, dry and easy drinking. Not nearly as big or bold as a shiraz should be though. $25

2015 Estate Series Merlot. Smooth and dry, but with a sweet, lingering aftertaste. $35

2012 Estate series “The George” Cabernet Sauvignon. Was a great “Dinner Party wine”. Because it appealed to both the white and red drinkers in our group. $35


Pink Lady Apple “Syder” – The cider was polarising. It was very floral, tasted more like apple blossoms than apple. So for someone who preferred a more floral cider it was apparently very pleasant, but a couple of us strongly disliked it because we want our cider to taste more like fruit.

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    1. When we were there the girls I went with started planning my wedding there…. not that I have any immediate plans to get married, but it really just seemed like the perfect venue for me.

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