4moms mamaRoo 4 vs NEW mamaRoo

The beloved 4moms mamaRoo swing had a recent update in 2022 the latest model (also known as mamaRoo 5.0 /1047)

Whatever you want to call it the latest model 4moms mamaRoo has some very thoughtful updates as well as a significant aesthetic update compared to early models.


Key updates with the NEW 4moms​ mamaRoo:

  • NEW mamaRoo Suitable up to 9 months (version 4 was up to 6months)
  • NEW mamaRoo has a 5 point harness (version 4 had 3 point harness)
  • Clearer pre-built sounds and “Brown Noise”
  • Voice command with Alexa through Wifi 
  • Deeper more supportive seat 
  • Overall Updated aesthetic 

Now lasts up to 50% longer (in age)

I think this is the biggest update – an extra 3 months might not sound like a lot but when the early model mamaRoos were only recommended up to 6 months (or when baby can sit up independently, whichever comes first) then that extra 3 months another half the the products lifespan.

The reason the newer model can be used beyond the stage that baby is sitting up independently is the new addition of shoulder straps to the harness. So baby can be secured into the seat even if they’re able to sit themselves up.

Better built in sounds

One of the complaints about the earlier model was the “white noise” being very “staticky”. I know from personal experience back in the olden days (okay – back in 2008 with my first baby and we didn’t have all the technology parents have today) that I could put a radio in his room between channels and that static noise would help him sleep, but it’s not the nicest noise.

The built in sounds for the new mamaRoo are clearer and prettier sounds, with also the modern version of staticky white noise; “brown noise”. From what I understand brown noise is a deeper sound as it plays the lower frequency tones louder.

Smarter Technology With Voice Commands

While the 4moms mamaRoo has been about to be controlled from your smart device using Bluetooth and new 4moms mamaRoo has the ability to be voice controlled using Alexa and at the time of publishing this review is in Beta testing stage of being able to connect to Google Home.

Additionally the 4moms app had a recent update with the new version, although these features are compatible with the previous mamaRoo. My favourite new update is the “find your roo” feature. Basically you can hold your smart device while settling your baby and the app will work out which of the motions and speeds best suit your baby based on how you rock/bounce/sway your little one.

I think that’s just the sweetest idea. As much as we’d love to hold our babies all the time sometimes it’s not practical, so it’s a nice thought that the mamaRoo tries to replicate you and how you settle your baby.

Not Impacted by the 4moms recall

The 4moms mamaRoo recall that took place in 2022 does not to the most recent model. All previous models of mamaRoo and rockaRoo sold between 2018 and Sept. 2022 (including models 4M-005, 1026, 1037 and 4M-012) were affected by the recall.

However the latest model thankfully had a completely different harness design to the earlier models and so there’s no risk of the harness strap being pulled back through the seat fabric and forming a loop.

For more information (in Australia) visit the ACCC Product Safety announcement.

Same great concept

Overall the changes aren’t dramatic. The 2022 version mamaRoo still has the same core features as the original version that was released in 2015. It offers the same 5 motions (Car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave) and 5 speed settings – essentially 25 unique motions to find exactly the movement and pace that works best for your baby.

They come with the reversible toy balls that can be used as a mobile to look at or play with. The seat is removable and machine washable. And seat back is adjustable for sitting baby up more as they get older.

There was also a slight update with the newborn insert (sold separately) to suit the deeper seat, that makes for an overall nicer insert.

Rachel Stewart

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