5 Reasons I loved Problogger

5 Reasons I loved Problogger (That had nothing to do with blogging)

I’ve been back from bloggerland (aka Problogger) for a few days and I’m so lost and forlorn. I miss it so much. I want to go and live in bloggerland forever. My family can just come and visit me from time to time.

And the reasons I miss it so badly has absolutely nothing to do with blogging! (Though the content creation, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing blah blah blah was helpful too.)

The People


(Left to Right – Mel from Hugzilla, Amy from Handbag Mafia, Mumma McD from Toilets Aren’t For Turtles, Em from Em Hawker’s blog, Jess from Peachy Keen Mumma, Me – clearly having a terrible time and Carly from My Holistic Life)

I’m so sad. I didn’t want to go home and leave all those amazing people behind. I already said that I’ve never met a blogger I didn’t like, but oh my goodness it was devastating to leave them. They were seriously the nicest, funniest, most interesting, coolest, smartest people I’ve ever met. They were also fabulous drinking buddies.

And unfortunately they had to return to their homes spread out across the country, so visiting them would be problematic without a massive Australia-wide road trip (though that’s not a bad idea).

At least we’ve all be in near-constant contact on Facebook since we left.

The Food

So. Much. Food.

Um. So. I was a little worried there wouldn’t be anything diet-friendly there for me. And by “diet” I mean my Low-Carb-High-Fat diet. I was joking I might need to go on a 5 day fast while I was there. But no. Oh my god no. There was SO MUCH food I could eat, that I basically stuffed my face the entire time. There was also a lot of very pretty sweets and non-low-carb food for the carb-eaters. It was the best catering of any event I’ve ever seen ever.

The Drinking

Wine and workbook – this summarises the weekend.

Ahhhh… so…. The champagne really did flow for the whole time we were there and if champagne isn’t your thing there was plenty of other wines, beer, spirits, cocktails – everything. Everything was going on. The big party night on the Friday had the most aggressive wine-pouring I’ve ever seen. Blink and your glass has been topped up. On that note I apologise to the person who was sitting next to me telling me all about living in Darwin and in a lull in the conversation I asked her where she was from. “Um. Darwin”… it was the wine! I swear!

Getting Dressed Up

Wearing heels in the middle of the day!
Wearing heels in the middle of the day! (though my legs look a little broken…)

I kid you not I wore the same white top three times at Problogger and it didn’t get dirty! No food, fingerprints, or other people’s snot! I also got to wear dresses, heels, stockings – false eye lashes – the works! I had TIME to put on make up and blow dry my hair. And a perfectly good excuse to go to some effort to look pretty and presentable. Also being in a space where people were taking HEAPS of photos, it was probably a good idea to look fresh and camera ready.

Living In A Hotel


It was like magic!

I still think one of the stand out highlights for me was the fact that my bed made itself. Or I dropped towels on the bathroom floor and they reappeared clean, dry and folded neatly back on the shelf. Or the convenience of having everything right there – multiple restaurants, bar, pool, coffee – everything I could possibly want and I didn’t even have to leave the building if I didn’t want to. I was contemplating visiting the day spa if I’d had time. It was a perfect venue, and if you are looking at staying on the Gold Coast, especially with a family as the playground and kids pool was incredible – I highly recommend The Royal Pines. It turned out to be a big plus that it’s well away from the beach and the high traffic touristy areas. It was so peaceful.


Did you go to Problogger? What was your favourite part of the weekend? 


Rachel Stewart

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