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Share The Dignity – #itsinthebag

share the dignity it's in the bag

Share The Dignity is a charity that provides homeless women, or women who have been victims of domestic violence, with essential personal hygiene products. Things like pads and tampons. It’s something I hadn’t even considered until I heard of Share The Dignity. How do you manage a period when you don’t have the money to buy those items?

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Larissa Waters Breastfeeding – The No Win Situation For Women

support breastfeeding

Larissa Waters Breastfeeding In Parliament Shows the No Win Situation For Mothers   Larissa Waters does yet another breastfeeding first — Karen Barlow (@KJBar) June 22, 2017   First time I've had to move a Senate motion while breastfeeding! And my partner in crime moved her own motion …

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The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Of The Useless Father

useless father

Is your newsfeed constantly flooded with “jokes” about how fathers need to be micromanaged to care for their own children? Or how men generally incapable of parenting, housework and keeping themselves alive? That men are irresponsible and essentially additional children?

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This Is What A Feminist Looks like

what a feminist looks like

For quite some time I was under the impression I couldn’t be a feminist and wear make up. Or I couldn’t be a feminist and have casual sex. Or be a stay at home mum. Or love knitting. Or any number of things that I didn’t think that feminism would approve of.

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Catcalling – Compliment or Harassment


It’s not okay to shout at, call to, or proposition a stranger on the street. EVEN if you think they should take it as a compliment. EVEN if it’s happened to you by someone of any gender. It’s still not okay.

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No Contraception No Dole – No Deal

Former ferderal Labour MP Gary Johns has written a book titled “No Contraception - No Dole”. This is not a new line for Gary Johns, he wrote a column for The Australian back in December 2014, of the same title.

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Understanding Gender Role Stereotypes as a Developmental Milestone

gender stereotypes

A friend recently shared this image on Facebook. At first I thought it was somehow a joke - surely this isn’t real? Surely her 3 year old child wasn’t assessed in childcare as a pass/fail (well, “Met/Developing”) for her knowledge of gender stereotypes. Or at the very least an outdated developmental milestone check list that had been used by her childcare centre by mistake

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I don’t want to shave my legs

shave my legs

I don’t want to shave my legs. I’m sort of proud that I managed to go over a month without shaving my legs.

Last time I shaved my legs was before Christmas and yesterday I caved and did it. It’s this bizarre inner battle. It’s a life time of social conditioning that ladies legs must be smooth and silky at all times.

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Why I Don’t Like Mark Latham

mark latham

Mark Latham recently wrote an opinion piece directed at Lisa Pryor, titled “Why Left Feminists Don’t Like Kids”.As a lefty and a feminist, I had to click on it. I’ll admit I knew going into it that I wasn’t going to like what he wrote, but I was imagining it was a rant directed at women who choose not to have children (maybe because they’re pursuing a career politics instead – something like that)

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Feminism is the new F-word


Julie Bishop was raised on a South Australian cherry farm. She grew up and studied hard, eventually graduating with a Law degree. She worked her way up through the ranks of a couple of law firms (notably Clayton Utz where she attained managing partnership) before entering federal politics. She is currently the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. The first female to ever hold that title and only the third to ever hold the title of Deputy Leader of the Opposition. She is also the current Minister for Forgein Affairs. She is the only female member of Cabinet. Her list of achievements and political portfolios held is far too long to list here.

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Beginners Guide to Feminism

beginners guide to feminism

What does “Feminism” mean? “The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” This is one of the big misconception I myself held about feminism, is the name; because it’s FEMIN-ism, not EQUAL-ism or HUMAN-ism I wrongly assumed that feminism meant not just equality, but seeking privileges for women.

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