Why We Don’t Need More Gilmore Girls

The Ending to Gilmore Girls Is

Absolutely Perfect


Okay, firstly – if you have not finished watching all four episodes of the Gilmore Girls mini-series exclusively on Netflix you need to look away now. Like, right now. Because everything I’m going to write is based on the last four words that we will ever hear from the show.

And why they’re the last words we ever need to hear.

I think I’m not the only one who’s first reaction to those final words was to panic search the internet for any indication they were planning to make more episodes. They can’t end it like this! They can’t. It’s not okay.

(My reaction immediately after it happened)

But the longer I sat in stunned silence the more I felt like it was the best way to finish – and also we don’t need to see what happens, because we know.

We know everyone so well that we know how this’ll all end.

Luke and Lorelai

gilmore girls

Rory is going to move in with Lorelai and Luke. Luke will be responsible for feeding the kid. They’ll argue at length about food that’s appropriate for a child. Rory and Lorelai will feed the kid pop tarts and exasperated Luke will say “At least you haven’t given her coffee!” They’ll look guilty and he’ll throw his arms up and stomp out of the room. But it’ll be amazing because Luke will have the opportunity to help raise a “fresh baby”. He’ll love the baby just as much as he’s always loved Rory.

Oh and of course the baby will be a girl, and they’ll call her Lorelai. Lorelai Gilmore the fourth. Maybe Lori for short?


gilmore girls

Rory will have the most amazing support for finishing her book, going on book tours and I assume then writing more books. Being an author makes more sense than being a reporter. She’ll still struggle, and flip out, and get epic writers block, but she’ll make it work. She might even go back to university to become a teacher at Chilton in a few years. It’s close enough that she can still live in Stars Hollow – she can still run the Stars Hollow Gazette in her spare time. She might even buy the Twickham House to raise her little family when she’s ready to move out of her childhood home – that has a really sweet feel to it.



Logan will want to do the honourable thing. He’ll drop everything and run to her, but she’ll send him away. He can’t live in Stars Hollow. There is no way Logan would be content to live a small town life. There’s nothing for him there. He’ll understand, call her “Ace” again, and make us all sigh wishing it would work out, but he’ll leave. Mitchum Huntzberger will probably throw a ridiculous amount of money at Rory to keep quiet about the affair to avoid scandal. Which she’ll initially refuse, but eventually accept in a trust fund for her baby so the child will have the option of going to Chilton and Yale. Maybe Harvard, I feel like that would be a fun twist.


gilmore girls

Jess will stick around. He’ll get Rory back. I know I said I didn’t want her to end up with anyone, but I think I’m back on #teamjess. He still loves her all those years later, and I think we’re supposed to imagine they’re getting back together. He’ll probably be the publisher for her books and between them they’ll be very successful. They’ll read together, write together, and be very happy. He’ll also be an incredible father figure to Rory’s baby. He’ll want to be what he didn’t have. When Logan comes to visit it’ll be tense and awkward. But they’ll hold it together, because they’re adults now. They’ll smile and say passive aggressive things to each other. 


gilmore girls

As the kid gets older she’ll go to visit Grandma Emily in Nantucket. Emily will be the most fun, doting, adorable Grandmother. She’ll let the kid get away with anything, and even encourage her to break rules in the name of fun. When the kid gets home and the family try to enforce rules the kid will shout “You’re all so mean! I want to live with Grandma Emily! She lets me do whatever I want!” and everyone will laugh and laugh and the kid will never understand why.



When things get hard for Rory balancing her career and raising a child she’ll call Paris to ask her how on earth does she manage being a successful whatever-Paris-is-doing-now and a single mum. Paris will tell her to calm down and say “I’m putting Nanny in a taxi right now.” Can Paris end up with Chad… I mean Tristen? Can that happen? Can that be a thing? Probably not. Nevermind.

Stars Hollow


Nothing will change. Not a thing. Everything will stay exactly the same. Forever.

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    1. I’ve been watching it on my phone with headphones on Netflix while lying next to my kids waiting for them to fall asleep. It’s the only way I get to binge watch shows if I get creative. 😉

    1. This is exactly how I saw the ending and the years to come … Christie Blatch-Harrison Katie Farrell Olivia Shepherd Michelle Harrison Tracy O’Brien … ps sorry for butting in to your comments kate and Suzie but this article was perfect ??????

  1. Thank god I wasn’t the only one who, after some sleep and contemplation, realised it finished perfectly.

    I’m a long-term fan, been watching it since it first came out, and then over and over and over again for the last 10 years. I binged last Friday, I sat there for 6 hours, I laughed, I cried – thankfully my husband had given up and gone to bed and didn’t have to witness the emotional roller coaster I took.
    So, that being said, of course I will love it if they make more episodes because, lets be honest, we all have questions and want to know what happens next… But if they don’t, and we are left with what we have, I’m happy ?

  2. My daughter Ashlee and I are avid fans and watched the 6 hrs in one sitting on Saturday…I would have loved to see a couple of minutes at the end looking at their lives in another 10 yrs time…maybe something like what was done with the last Harry Potter film and the last OC episode. It would have been nice to finish with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Having said that…it was fantastic to watch from start to finish and to have all of the original actors making cameos gave it such credibility ????

    1. haha just wanted to see your thoughts 🙂 After thinking on it for a few days – i get what thew writers did (or tried to do) . I still don’t like it tho. not the ending i would’ve chosen after 10 freakin years!

    2. Nope I’m sorry, but I’m a firm believer that Logan will do anything for her. He always comes through ?? I know you hate it that I’m on #teamlogan ?

    1. It made me think the same. But then I still keep thinking about all the things I’m not happy about. Haha
      I’ll always want her to end up with Logan, but then it makes so much sense in this article why she doesn’t. I’m so conflicted now. ?

    2. How sad would it be if it was Paul’s baby… I don’t think it could be the Wookie’s it doesn’t quite fit the timeline…. but who knows, we don’t necessarily see everything that goes on. Could be someone else entirely. Could be Jess, they were hanging out. I even briefly entertained the thought it would be Dean’s *cue flashback to her running after him after their moment at the store*

      Even though Logan does seem like the most likely candidate in a way if they did follow up with more episodes part of me hopes they wouldn’t go with the obvious.

  3. Thank you for a beautifully written article about the ending. Thank you for putting thought into it and echoing what many of us feel. I would love more but am completely satisfied imagining where life will lead them from here!

  4. Julie-Anne Dick after reading this I can see why no more episodes are needed. As much as I would love to watch more we know exactly how they will go. Would love to see Logan’s reaction to the pregnancy news though.

  5. I’m not sure if Rory will go with the “doing it without you” path to raising baby.. I’m not sure she thinks it’s the best just from the snippet with her dad. I would like to see something done on this at least covering the baby daddy aspect. If it’s Logan’s ( I’m certainly on the idea it is) being Rory I think she would created (or already have a list) pros and cons of telling him. But in the end I think she would see him (before being to noticeable) and find out where they “could” stand as a couple. Without him feeling obligated to do the right thing (which I agree he will want too) How that plays out to me would decide how baby is raised and how hands on he is. Only thing I am certain of is baby would be born and raised in Stars Hollow, Logan’s father will be furious at least at first and offer shush $$ but I think his overall like of Rory will would prevail “if” they got together

    1. I’m on the fence. I want to know what happens next, but I don’t know if I’d be happy with what happens if they did. I like that I can make up my own ending in my head too ?

    2. I feel better about the ending after reading that, i still want more but at the same time they have to end it at some point i dont know if the viewers will ever really be happy with the ending.

    1. Plot twist – Mitchem works his evil to make sure Logan doesn’t actually know about the kid until season 3 when he sees Rory doing an interview about her book. And the kid should be a boy just to make it more interesting ?

  6. I was a little disappointed with how it ended. I liked how Lorelai and Luke finally got it together , but I didn’t like Rory’s ending ?.

  7. Still haven’t watched it so still can’t read this post. Need to find sufficient time alone to watch the whole series from the beginning because I don’t recall ever actually finishing it.

    1. It is a big task watching the whole first 6 seasons. To get through the whole lot I listened to it on Netflix on my phone with headphones, usually when I’m cleaning the house etc because it’s mostly dialogue I don’t need to sit and watch it. Otherwise it would be too hard.

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