Joolz Aer+ Cot compared to Joolz Aer Cot Video

While there are some minor differences in the Joolz Aer+ cot compared to the Joolz Aer cot the important thing that most people want to know is will the Joolz Aer cot fit the Joolz Aer+ (or will the Joolz Aer+ cot fit an original Joolz Aer) and the answer is YES to both.

The only differences between the Joolz Aer+ cot and the Joolz Aer is the fold lever has been updated to be a little bit easier for the Joolz Aer+ cot and the mesh panel in the sun hood is a bit bigger, but that’s about it. These differences are demonstrated in the video above.

If you were trying to quickly work out which cot is which the only visual differences are the white button on the Aer+ cot fold lever (and the Aer has a plain black level) and then the Joolz Aer+ sun hood has two fabric panels (and the Aer has three)

joolz aer+ cot vs Joolz Aer cot

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