May Gibbs Gumnut Babies Books Review + GIVEAWAY!

May Gibbs Gumnut Babies Books Review

gumnut babies

I LOVE books, particularly children’s books. I started a collection of picture books before I even had children. (Though I was an early years educator before having kids. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

And I especially love Australian books. Our bookshelf is filled with books by Mem Fox, the Diary of a Wombat books, Possum in the House, Sebastian Lives In A Hat – and so on. Books about Australian native animals, or set in the Australian bush just speak to my soul. Maybe because for most of my childhood my father was a National Park ranger, so I spent a lot of time out in the bush growing up. And I was raised with a profound respect and care for our native animals and plants.

Growing Up With Snugglepot and Cuddlepie

So when I was offered the opportunity to review and giveaway a couple of May Gibbs books to celebrate their upcoming Centenary next year I jumped at the offer! Actually it’s surprising that I didn’t already have a collection of Gumnut Babies books already! I grew up with these books (I think most of us did!) And I’m now also wondering where the May Gibbs books I had as a child went! They’re probably somewhere in a box at one of my parent’s houses, because they certainly aren’t something that we’d have thrown away. They’re beautifully illustrated, and just so classically Australian.

gumnut babies

Though these beautiful books also gave me an irrational fear of Banksia trees with the terrifying looking Banksia cones! There is something so sinister looking about them that when I flicked through the books I was sent to review I was still slightly chilled by how creepy the Banksia men look! Even though in these particular story books the Banksia men weren’t doing anything bad at all. I still don’t trust them!

But the Gumnut babies are such sweet and lovable characters. They’re adventurous, clever, and kind to animals. And adorably illustrated with their baby faces and bare bottoms. (Which I think my children will also find absolutely hilarious!) The two books I was sent – Tales From The Bush and Tales From The Camp Fire – contain a collection of short stories where the tiny Gumnut Babies solve problems like a snake’s tooth ache and take a “bull-dog ant” to school to teach him to behave! As well as having adventures like going on tiny ships and panning for gold! These lovely children stories absolutely are timeless – given these characters were created nearly 100 years ago!

Put A Gumnut Baby Under Your Tree This Christmas

gumnut babiesThese books also came at the PERFECT time, because I was a little stumped at what books to get my daughter this year, so I’ll be wrapping up these books and popping them under my tree for her!

As well as being given these books to review I also have the opportunity to giveaway a couple of Gumnut Baby books; “Tales From The Bush” and “Tales From The Camp Fire”.

Enter below for your chance to WIN!

This giveaway ends at Midnight on the 18th of December 2017 so enter quickly for your chance to win a couple of Gumnut Babies for under your tree as well!

*Note: This Review and Giveaway is Sponsored. 


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