Best Double Prams Australia 2022

Looking for the Best Double Prams available in Australia for 2022? Included in the list below are is a variety of inline (front/back) double prams, double prams that convert from single to double, compact double, full sized side by side doubles, as well as a couple of running double prams to choose from!

So hopefully you’ll be able to find the best double pram for your family. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for check out all our Best Double Pram Guides.

best double prams
Uppababy Vista V2$179916.2kgs**65.3cms39.5kgsBeautiful and easy to use
Baby Jogger City Select 2$119914.7kgs**60.5cms41kgsNewborn approved seats. Lots of Configurations
Baby Jogger tour 2$69910.5kgs66.5cms30kgsSuper light, narrow and Compact
Mountain Buggy Duet$104914.5kg63cms36kgsNarrow, but handles moderate terrain.
Baby Jogger city mini GT 2$119916kgs77.5cms45kgsEasy Fold with All Terrain
Bugaboo Donkey$2199+15kgs**74cms44kgsOption of Both Seats Parent Facing
Thule Urban Glide$149915kgs80cms45kgsRunning and All Terrain
Thule Cab Chariot$209916.5kgs80cms45kgsMulti-function running/bike

*Price based on market value (not RRP) for newborn + toddler configuration. Additional seat or bassinet may be required for newborn twins or two toddlers. Pricing accurate to the best of our ability at the time of publishing and subject to change. 

** Seats can be removed for lighter lifting weight. Additionally these weights are for newborn + toddler configurations. 

*** Weight with two seats. Individual seat weight limits found below in individual product information. 

Uppababy Vista V2

uppababy vista v2 vs baby jogger select 2

Key Features

  • Aesthetically beautiful stroller with a wide range of on trend fabrics and styles
  • Thoughtfully designed with every mechanism and feature easy to use.
  • Comes with a full styles, luxury bassinet included (that can be used with the seat as a double)

Things to Consider

  • In double mode the bassinet MUST be at the front/lower position.
  • Second seat (Rumble Seat) is smaller with a lower weight limit.
  • Can be quite pricey if purchasing for twins, because you’ll need to add on an extra seat and bassinet, plus upper and lower adapters.

Uppababy Vista V2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 15.7Kg (Frame 8.8kgs + Seat 3.1kgs + bassinet 3.8kgs)
  • Weight Capacity – Toddler seat 23kg , Rumble Seat 15kgs and Bassinet 9kgs
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with bassinet included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes, though limited configurations as a double
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes (Top seat only)
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

I would say that the Uppababy Vista V2 has been the most popular pram in Australia for a few years now and it is easy to see why.

It is aesthetically a beautiful pram, made from quality materials, and just one of the simplest and easiest prams to use. It’s easy to fold, has a one handed recline in the seat, easy to adjust shoulder strap height, tap to engage/release foot brake, extendable sun canopy, huge storage basket – it’s all the things we love in a pram. 

The only drawback with the Uppababy Vista is it does have limited configurations. The bassinet can only go on the front of the frame in double mode, and then the rumble seat also must go on the front of the stroller. Which means your younger child will sit at the front and your older child must sit at the top. I do know that is a drawback for some parents.

UPPAbaby Vista Full Review

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Baby Jogger city select 2

select 2

Key Features 

  • Both seats are approved for newborns and are the same size and weight capacity
  • Lightweight and compact (for a full size, full featured double pram)
  • Can take one or two capsules, perfect for siblings or twins. 

Things to consider

  • While the seats meet Australian safety standards for newborns they are not fully flat like a bassinet. 
  • The city select 2 can only accommodate one bassinet but won’t fit two.
  • To produce a lighter weight stroller there is less suspension compared to an UPPAbaby Vista V2,

City Select 2 Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 12kgs (with seat)  + 2.7kgs second seat
  • Weight Capacity – 20.5kg(per seat)
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, in the seat when fully reclined. Or bassinet (sold separately)
  • Reversible seat – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

The Baby Jogger City Select 2 offers great versatility as it can grow with your family and can be configured with one or two seats, and in any combination of seats, capsules, bassinet and even a standing toddler board. So they both can theoretically accommodate up to three children of varying ages. 

One of the biggest reasons I’d recommend the Select 2 is the fact the seats are approved for newborns without the need for a bassinet, bassinet kit, insert or liner – so the seat will go from birth to toddlerhood without needing to purchase anything else. Which also drives down the cost of the Select 2 when comparing to similar strollers (like the UPPAbaby Vista) especially for parents expecting twins. 

Also this allows more flexibility with which child sits where. With the option to even switch them up through the day depending on what’s working best for you.

Baby Jogger city select 2 Full Review

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Baby Jogger city tour 2 Double

tour 2 vs gt 2 double 2

Key Features

  • Super compact and lightweight with and incredible easy fold. 
  • Seats fully recline, and seats are newborn approved – with the option of one or two bassinets. 
  • Great for shopping centres and travel

Things to Consider

  • While great for travel the city tour 2 double IS NOT carry on sized. While it’s worth double checking with your airline, you will likely need to check it in with your luggage
  • The narrow design means the seats are quite narrow and the weight capacity is only 15kgs per seat.
  • Small wheels and lightweight design means it’s not great for everyday walking and definitely not for all terrain. 

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 10.5 Kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 15kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 66 x 67 x 19cms
  • Seats from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seats attached – Yes
  • Compatible Capsules – No

The city tour 2 double is the lightest weight, most compact, double pram that has two seats that are suitable for newborns. 

Because the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is such an incredibly lightweight pram I would suggest it’s probably better for twins than it would be for siblings with a significant age and weight difference, because it does feel off balance and more difficult to steer with more weight on one side than the other. I’d probably suggest looking at the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double – though it is a significantly larger and heavier pram. 

The main features of the City Tour 2 Double are both seats are suitable for newborns, easy fold, super lightweight and compact. 

Even though this is a great “travel” pram, you likely will still need to check it into oversized luggage when flying, though check this with your airline, you may be able to take it to the gate.

Baby Jogger city tour 2 double Full Review

Baby Jogger city tour 2 double Video Review

Mountain Buggy Duet

mountain buggy duet

Key Features

  • One of the most narrow side by side double pram
  • Air tyres, solid sturdy frame and great suspension. 
  • Can be converted to a single by swapping one seat for a bag

Things to Consider

  • While very narrow, the fold is not as compact as the tour 2 double
  • Narrow double stroller means narrow seat width. 
  • Not available in my stores and no Australian distributor for local support.

Mountain Buggy Duet Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 14.7kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 18kgs per seat
  • Dimensions Folded – 89cm (H) x 63cm (W) x 32cm (D)
  • Seat from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat – No
  • Fold with seats attached – Yes
  • Compatible Capsules – No

The Mountain Buggy Duet is one of the narrowest side by side prams. It’s only 63cms wide which means it’s the width of a single pram – however this does mean that the seats are also a little narrow. So it’s going to be suited to more petite toddlers. Also it can be used as a single or a side by side double by switching the “Joey bag” for a second seat. So this is going to be great either for twins, or for a growing family. Otherwise it’s a very sturdy, all-terrain pram, with air tyres, big basket, good sized hoods and excellent manoeuvrability. It also has a hand-brake for controlling your speed.

Baby Jogger GT2 Double

gt2 double 1

Key Features

  • Quality wheels and all wheel suspension for a smooth ride on suburban terrain
  • One of the biggest/tallest double pram seats on the market
  • Super simple one step fold that folds flat for easy storage.

Things to Consider

  • Quite heavy one piece fold with no removable seats for lighter lifting weight
  • No optional capsule. Though it has optional bassinets and seats are newborn approved.
  • Basket is large but not easily accessible for getting in and out larger items. 

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 16kg
  • Weight Capacity – 22.5kgs per seat
  • Folded Dimensions – 81.5 x 75 x 34cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat –No
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Optional Single mode – No
  • Compatible Capsules – No 

In 2019 Baby Jogger had a major update of their core range of prams and brought out the “2” version, or the second generation, of these already incredibly popular prams. 

The City Mini GT 2 Double is an easy to use, easy to fold, surprisingly compact, double pram that is suitable for twins or siblings. Both seats lie back flat to be suitable for newborns, while also boasting some of the largest seats for a double pram on the market. 

The upgrates with this newer version of the City Mini GT2 Double include an adjustable foot rest, all wheel suspension, better accessibility to the basket, upgraded fabrics and cushioning in the seat, and overall a more modern aesthetic. One of the subtle changes of the shape of the canopy, which allowed more space for your taller child. 

Overall the City Mini GT2 Double is perfect for active parents as it’ll handle a lot of walking and is a great moderately all terrain pram – it’ll definitely handle all the usual suburban terrain such as grass, playground mulch, dirt tracks etc with ease. 

Baby Jogger city mini GT2 double Full Review

Baby Jogger city mini GT2 double Video Review

Bugaboo Donkey 

bugaboo donkey duo twin 3.0

Key Features

  • Seats can be turned parent or forward facing
  • One of the only side by side strollers that takes one or two capsules
  • Stroller frame adjusts wider and narrower from single to double mode

Things to Consider

  • Despite being a wider double pram the seats are quite narrow
  • Fold is bulky whether in single or double mode
  • Can be confusing when adding on second seats and cannot be purchased without the bassinet. 

Bugaboo Donkey Specifications

  • Pram Weight –14.9kg (frame 9.5kgs approx)
  • Weight Capacity – 22kgs per seat
  • Suitable from birth – Yes, with carrycots included.
  • Reversible seat – Yes (Both seats)
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – Yes

I still remember the excitement when the Bugaboo Donkey was first announced. Which is both an indication of the incredible innovation of this pram, and also the very effective marketing of the brand. But the Bugaboo Donkey is impressive in the way the frame actually expands to accommodate two children side by side. That said, even in “mono” mode (single mode) it’s still a very wide pram. Though the little shopping basket on the is a nice way to add value to the extra width.

One thing I absolutely love about the Bugaboo Donkey is it’s one of the very few side by side double prams that allows your babies to face you, or face away (or one facing you and the other facing away. Whatever!)

Impressively it can also fold with both seats attached, however it is a bulky pram folded in one piece. So you will really want to take both seats off and lift in three pieces.

Thule Urban Glide 2 

best double prams thule urban glide 2

Key Features

  • Thule are known for their high impact, high performance running prams for serious runners.
  • Sleek design and surprisingly lightweight for a double running pram.
  • One of the few side by side doubles that can take a capsule

Things to Consider

  • I don’t recommend buying any running pram unless you actually plan to run with it. 
  • Canopy sits quite low (common on running strollers to minimise resistance)
  • Not recommended to run until baby is 6+ Months

Thule Urban Glide Specifications

  • Pram Weight – 15kgs
  • Weight Capacity – 45kgs total
  • Pram Dimensions (folded) – 87 x 80 x 41 cm
  • Suitable from birth – Yes
  • Reversible seat – No
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height – Yes
  • Fold with seat attached – Yes
  • Travel system compatible – No

Thule Urban Glide 2 is a running pram that does have a lockable swivel wheel so it’s still going to be manoeuvrable for everyday strolling. But it’s still a great pram for serious running! It has a 30cm front air tyre and 40cm air tyres at the back so you’ll “glide” along with this pram. As well as a handy hand-brake (sorry I think I’m funny) so you can control your speed, especially running on hills. The seat lays back flat for newborns. Just keep in mind you can’t run with a newborn.

Thule Chariot Cab 2

thule chariot cab 2

Key Features

  • Versatility of running stroller &  bike trailer – for one or two children. 
  • Tall and roomy seats and a high weight capacity to accommodate bigger children. 
  • Separate large and accessible storage space for school bags/groceries etc. 

Things to consider

  • More of a vehicle than a stroller, so not super compact or convenient for folding.
  • Does offer newborn options, and a semi-recline. But not a fully flat recline. 
  • Seats are not as padded or ergonomically shaped as regular stroller seats.

The Thule Chariots are in a class of their own in terms of quality, design and performance if you’re looking at purchasing one of these running pram to bike hybrid style strollers. 

The Thule Cab 2 offers a roomier seat and bigger storage area, so as well as being a high performance running pram it could very reasonably be used to transport preschoolers or younger children to daycare/preschool as part of your daily commute. 

While the seats do have a one handed semi-recline, which is not a feature always found in these hybrid stroller/trailers, Thule also has the option of a newborn sling seat for infants under 6months.

Also the Thule Chariot Cab 2 has thoughtful features, like an adjustable handlebar, adjustable suspension between activities, included rain and sun cover, as well as ventilation vents to keep air circulating even if the weather covers are on.  

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