Nurse In At Satellite Cafe

Nurse In At Satellite Cafe

Yesterday in Sydney, in a Newtown Café, a mother was asked by a staff member to stop breastfeeding her baby following complaints made by other patrons. When the mother asserted it was her legal right to breastfeed her child anywhere the staff member allegedly told her it was “disgusting” and “offensive to humanity”.

satelliteThe cafe owner has since made a series of apologies on their own Facebook Page. Their first apology, which has since been deleted, however seemed to miss the point, blaming mainstream media for not educating business owners on anti-discrimination laws regarding breastfeeding, also stating that “when complaints are received on any matter we do have a duty to act on them” and that in this matter there was going to be “consequences either way”.

In response a “Nurse in” is being organised for Tuesday 26th at 12:30pm, to join go to the facebook event –

What amazes and saddens me is that there even needs to be a law which prevents grown adults from attempting to force a mother not to feed her baby, it shocks me that there are adults who feel that their own desire for comfort is more important than a babies need to eat. I do sincerely hope that the staff at the Satellite Café takes the time a to learn from this mistake, that on Tuesday they don’t view the “nurse in” as a protest, but as an opportunity to educate themselves and their staff on exactly what breastfeeding is all about – it’s about feeding babies, not offending anyone, and that babies have a right to be fed.

Good luck to everyone who is going, Parenting Central will be there in spirit!

Rachel Stewart

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