5 Best Baby Products From The Baby Show

Best Baby Products
From The Essential Baby and Toddler Show

I went to the Essential Baby and Toddler Show on the weekend and before I headed out I had a little pep talk with myself. It was – don’t just focus on prams. There is a whole world of other baby products that people might want to buy for babies and toddlers that aren’t just prams….

Do you want to know what I did…? Made a beeline for all the prams.

It is what it is. I’m obsessed with prams. And you wouldn’t want me any other way. Right?

So here are my favourite baby products (prams) from the Essental Baby And Toddler Show!

Safety 1st Nook – RRP $349

safety 1st nook 1

Safety 1st have only hit my radar in the last couple of months, when they suddenly seemed to bring out a few really awesome prams, and a quite comfortable price point. I already have a major pram-crush on the Safety 1st Verso nest which featured in my Best Prams for 2017 article last month. So I was very keen to have a look at their brand new Safety 1st Nook.

Key features:

Super light – only 6.5kgs
Easy and compact fold – with a self standing fold which makes it handy for storing.
Suitable from birth – the seat lies back flat.
Proportionally large basket – for such an itty bitty pram
Comes with a carry bag – given it’s size it’s not too hard to lug around.
Value for money – I’ve seen online prices under $300.


Weight limit of 17kgs – which is fine for most families; I just have giant toddlers.
Seat is fixed into position – so it can’t be parent facing.
Handle bar isn’t adjustable – and it’s quite a low pram so it might be awkward for very tall parents.
Quite small wheels – this is a strictly footpaths, airports and shopping centres pram.

Babyhome Vida Plus – RRP $699

babyhome vida plus baby products

Babyhome is a new brand to Australia, though it’s already popular in Spain. Their latest pram the Vida Plus isn’t available in Australia until July-August. I have to admit at first glance I thought the Vida Plus looked a little flimsy, but I was so impressed once I had a chance to play with it and get to know some of the incredible features they’ve managed to pack into this neat, little pram.

Key Features:

Very light – Around 7kgs
Huge weight capacity – Up to 25kgs*
Reversible seat – so child can be parent-facing.
Comes with a fabric bassinet kit – using the seat frame you can turn it into a bassinet.
Easy and compact fold – and it can be folded with the seat attached in either position
Very large basket – that’s easily accessible.
Adjustable handle bar – great for parents of varying heights.


It’s not out until July/August – So if you need a pram NOW it’s a bit of a wait.
Small wheels – This is not an all-terrain pram.
*Need to buy an additional toddler seat for the 25kg limit – The seat the pram comes with only has a weight limit of 15kgs – if your toddler outgrows that weight you’ll need to purchase a bigger seat for RRP $199 to bring the weight limit up to 25kgs.

ABC Design Salsa 3 – RRP $999

abc designs salsa 3

There are so few prams that have three wheels and also have the option of a parent facing toddler seat. Most of the time with 3-wheelers the bassinet attachment faces the parent, but not the upright seat. From experience toddlers care as much, if not more, about being able to see you at all times as babies.

Key Features:

Reversible seat – obviously.
25kg weight capacity – No ifs, no buts.
Big, all-terrain wheels – glides smoothly over a range of surfaces.
Good weight – 10.9kgs for a full sized pram is perfectly fine.
Adjustable handlebar – this is quite tall.
Huge basket – will easily fit everything you need for your baby and more.
Folds easily – though it took me a couple of attempts to get it right.


Can’t be folded with seat attached – you’ll need to remove the seat to fold.
Seat isn’t completely flat – So you’ll either need to buy a bassinet or a “Comfort seat liner” to have a newborn lie in a flat position. The comfort liner is a very cool compromise though because it does boost baby’s bottom up just enough so it doesn’t curl into the seat.

Chicco Urban RRP – $995

chicco urban

The Chicco Urban is my kind of pram. It’s a big pram and yet only weighs 10.5kgs. If I had a to pick a pram for myself, that most suited my needs and preferences this would be pretty close to the top of my list.

Key Features:

Seat transforms into a bassinet – with just a few clicks. This is my favourite feature on a pram!
23kg Weight capacity – which is more than enough for most families.
Big everything – Big basket, big hood, big seat, big wheels – love it.
Easy to push and maneuver – steers well, even one handed.
Folds easily – though this was another pram that took a few practise tries to get it right.
Adjustable handlebar – and adjustable foot rest


Doesn’t fold with seat attached  – and it is still a little bulky folded.

Chicco Next2Me Bedside Crib – RRP $399


WAIT! THAT’S NOT A PRAM! Are you proud? ONE of the baby products I was excited about that wasn’t a pram!

The Chicco Next2Me is a cosleeper that can also be used as a separate bassinet. What I love about this as a cosleeper is it has 5 height positions so you can position it precisely where you need it in relation to the height of your bed to provide a safe sleep space for your baby. If you choose to have it separate from your bed there is a see-through mesh panel so you can still lie in bed and watch your baby (if you’re anything like me it’s nice to be able to check that your baby is still breathing a hundred times a night.) You can also use the adjustable height to slightly tilt the mattress so baby’s head is a little elevated which might be helpful for babies with reflux (please consult your doctor or pediatrician before doing that)

Did you get to the Essential Baby and Toddler Show? What were your favourite baby products at the show?

Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner. Rachel is obsessed prams, car seats, carriers and all things baby. She has worked in the baby industry for several years, for both suppliers and also in a retail setting and has developed a passion for connecting parents with the right products to make their lives easier. When Rachel isn't playing with prams she's enjoys crocheting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for sharing some info on prams that aren’t as well known. I regret not buying one of those co sleepers. I didn’t know how hard it was to lay down a sleeping baby!

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