Dads and Toddlers

Toddlers need’s dads.
“According to a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Family Studies
Dads are spending about 35 minutes with their children one-on-one each day.”

Getting Involved
Get involved in your child’s life when your partner is pregnant than at birth through to toddler-hood and the while they are going to school. You will make a big difference to the development of your child’s and a big difference to your family.

What makes a dad so so important to a toddler?
Research shows when dad is around and involved it makes a positive upbringing for your child.It makes a positive parenting experience and activities/play-time with toddlers makes a massive difference in their lives.

Toddlers are happier when they have their dad involved in their lives. The involvement must be consistent and best to be around the same time each day/week. For example, I will read you a story before bed time, or we can wash dishes together, or every Sunday morning from 8am – 10am we jump in the car and go and do something / or go for a walk to the local park.

“If you have a toddler – now is the time to get involved.”

Build a better relationship with your child – (ask yourself)

  •  How can I (dad) spend more time with my child? (Schedule it in on your calendar)
  • What activities can we do together?
    • Read a book together
    • Play building blocks together
    • Build train sets together
    • Have a “tea party” with your daughter (or son)
  • Create/Have interest and hobbies together
  • Just being involved
  • Listen and watch their body language

Dads & Toddlers
Being a dad is busy, at work all week, with everyday pressures, and doing what you can do to support your family and your family needs/wants – it can be hard to find the time and energy to actively spend time with your kids, so if possible try to involve your children in your own interests and activities as well. A trip to the hardware store might just be part of your weekend, but it can also be a great way to spend time with your kids. It is still important to take some time for yourself to pursue your own interests and to let off steam through sport or catch up with mates.

“Just remember don’t forget to spend quality time with your child and enjoy those activities together.”


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