Garnier BB Cream, Micellar Cleansing Water and Miracle Sleeping Cream

BB Cream, Micella Cleansing Water and Miracle Sleeping Cream
BB Cream, Micella Cleansing Water and Miracle Sleeping Cream

When I attended the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Garnier Welcome Breakfast and Masterclass earlier this month we were all given Garnier gift bags containing Garnier BB Cream, Micellar Cleansing Water and Miracle Sleeping Cream to test out and review on Kidspot’s Product Review Page, but as I had a lot more to say than would reasonably fit into a normal product review (you can see my shorter review if you click on that Kidspot link) I thought I’d go ahead and write a more thorough review here as well.

I’ve had a good long-term relationship with Garnier as a brand; they earned my brand loyalty when I dyed my hair the first time as a teenager. I used Garnier Nutrisse and loved how it felt, looked and smelled. Once they introduced the Herbashine semi-permanent range that was all I used to dye my hair for several years (until they discontinued that line!)  Though I have been thinking about trying their newer Garnier Olia because I have heard good things about it.

On the morning of the Garnier Welcome Breakfast I had JUST run out of my Garnier BB Cream. It was at the point of removing the lid entirely and rolling out the tube to get the last little bits out. I don’t wear a lot of make-up, but I do use Garnier BB Cream if I just want a little “freshen up”. I have combination skin, prone to both acne and a little bit of eczema at this time of year – so I need something that will help even out my skin tone without making either of those worse. I go through a tube about every 6 months, so I was thrilled I was getting a replacement.

Running on empty...
Running on empty…

BUT when we moved from where the Garnier Breakfast was held across to the room where the Kidspot Voices 2015 Masterclass took place I left my Garnier gift bag behind! I went back to look for it, but it had been taken from my seat! I scanned the room, I eyed off the other attendees to see if anyone had two bags. Nope. Nada. Gone. Gutted.

I was so disappointed it actually distracted me from giving my full attention to the Masterclass! I know it’s only about $14 to replace the BB Cream, which I was intending to do anyway, but I really wanted to try the other Garnier products as well. Then, just after lunch, I noticed a couple of unattended bags left on the bar.

You WILL be mine!
Stalking my prey….

I thought…. maybe… just maybe… one of them is my lost bag… But I didn’t want take someone else’s bag! So for the remainder of the Masterclass I stalked the bags, agonising over whether or not to just grab one – maybe ask someone first – but the moment the Masterclass ended I stood up, made a bee-line for the bar, grabbed one, and got out quickly!

#sorrynotsorry if I stole someone else’s bag… but really wanted it and didn’t want to miss out!

So – On to the review.

Garnier BB Cream

bb cream

Obviously I already love this product. I use it all the time. I love that it’s an SPF15, because I’m too slack to put on sunscreen. I actually apply the Garnier BB cream with about as much finesse as I would apply sunscreen. As in, I put a blob on my hand, rub my hands together and then rub it all over my face. Done. I don’t know if that’s the official application technique, but that’s how I do it. Then I put on a little mascara and maybe a lip colour, that’s usually all I’d wear if I’m going to wear make up that day. The other thing I love about this product is it’s inexpensive and available everywhere. I’ve been travelling and forgotten mine at home, it’s not hard to locate in supermarkets, chemists, kmart etc pretty much anywhere that sells make up should stock Garnier BB Cream. If I had to find a fault with the product, sometimes it does give my face a little bit of a shine when my skin is particularly oily, but I just dust over my cheeks and forehead with some compact powder – no drama.

Garnier Micella Cleansing Water


I liked this product. It really did just feel like washing my face with water – even though it looks a bit bubbly in the bottle is doesn’t really foam up, but it is still a really effective make up remover. I found it was great removing my 16 hour lip stick that is normally a bit of a pain to remove, and it did it without a strong smell or unpleasant residue/taste on my lips, so I was really happy about that. I’ve also used it to remove face paint a few times, which it worked really well for. Even though I do like it it’s probably not a product I wouldn’t buy myself because I don’t wear make up and I prefer a in-shower cleanser, like Garnier Pure Deep clean cream instead but I’d recommend Garnier Micella Cleansing Water to someone who wants a really gentle make up remover and cleanser that doesn’t need to be rinsed off afterwards!

Miracle Sleeping Cream

miracle cream


First impressions – I thought the cream did seem like it was going to be too thick, but I actually feels really lovely and creamy on the skin and absorbs quickly. I’ve really enjoyed applying it to my face every night. It also has a really light pleasant fragrance. I can’t say I’ve noticed any big transformation on my skin anti-aging wise, but in the product defense I’m only in my 20s so it doesn’t really have much to work with. But I do like it as a regular night-time moisteriser. I believe it’s not yet out in Australia so when it does come in it would depend on the price point whether or not I would buy the product for myself one I run out, but I am very much enjoying using the Miracle Sleeping Cream.


I hope you’ve found my product review helpful! What are your favourite skin products? 

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