Mother’s Day For Mum and Me

Mother’s day, it’s almost upon us again. The chance for shops to spruke things that mums ‘want’. Those fluffy dressing gowns, the heated slippers, the foot baths, fizzy bath bombs, smelly soaps and the latest romantic novels.nanni pa aylaBut to me, mothers day has always been about making my mum breakfast, serving her a cup of tea, maybe a nice big bunch of flowers and seeing whether she would like to go to a farmers market. Its only been the last 3 years where I too have become a mum whereas she has been a mum for 32 years. But I still organise a gift for my mum, because she is MY MUM. She raised me, and taught me so much that makes me be the mother I am.

So about a week ago I asked her what she would like to do for the day, her response, ‘You’re a mother too, what do you want to do?’. This answer stumped me. Yes I am a mother but you are my mother, I was thinking.

My daughter is 2 years old. She doesn’t understand mothers day. She has me every day in the week where we play tea parties, sing songs and draw. So really it either comes down to Hubby to organise a gift/card or something for me or in reality, I do for myself (yes a snap press and some aromatic candles are coming my way).

To me it’s still MY mum’s day. But to enjoy it together is the only thing I ask and really that’s all us mums really want, is to enjoy some family time doing something special. Without the whinging, bickering or constant complaints from children, with maybe with a sleep in, and a nice hot cuppa to start the day.

So, now we will be going out to a nice cafe for lunch rather than dinner and spend time as a family.

No matter what it is you want, what you get or what you do this Sunday, step back and look at your kids, their smiles, their eyes and their giggles. That is what Mothers day is about.

(Hubby if you are reading this, a bunch of flowers from a florist would earn LOTS of brownie points 😀 )

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