Mum Uniform

dressing off trend
This is what “dressed up” looks like these days.

Mum Uniform

Do you have a “mum uniform”? I’m not sure exactly when it happened by somewhere along the way a bold statement for me became wearing a coloured tank top. I wear jeans in winter, and denim shorts in summer, teamed up with either a singlet, tshirt or jumper. My idea of “doing my hair” involves brushing it, as opposed to wrapping it up into a bun. I have nearly waist length straight hair but I haven’t grown it out so much as just not had a hair cut since I was pregnant with our toddler. Make up is occasionally slapping on some Garnier bb cream and some lip balm! I’m also becoming a little bit fond of my black “Ugg boots”, though I haven’t progressed to the point of wearing them in public.

When I see current fashion trends and occasionally feel my age when I think – “really? Is that what young people are wearing these days?” But more often I see people my age and older putting together outfits that appear to be current, trendy, fashionable and flattering and I have no idea how they do it! I sometimes want to ask someone where did they buy each item of clothing they’re wearing so I can just replicate their “look”, because aside from a plain t-shirt and jeans, I’ve lost my ability to put an outfit together.

I’m not saying I ever really had any sort of “fashion sense” or was ever really “on trend”, but what I did have was a willingness to shop, and wear anything if it made me feel pretty or sexy, or even if it was just a bit fun and colourful, I was at least willing to have a go and try things out. I’m a bit jealous of people who can wear coloured or patterned leggings or tights – not that I think its always the most flattering item of clothing on everyone, but they look fun. I’m also not even sure they are currently fashionable, it’s just I’ve noticed them around. I just feel I’m “too old” (and possibly too big) for them. I don’t feel brave enough to step outside my comfort zone. Also because I dislike spending money on myself the number one thing I look for in an item of clothing is versatility, will I get enough use out of it? If it’s a total outfit, will I have an opportunity to wear it? Is it too dressy for a preschool pick up and play dates? I feel more self conscious being “over dressed” than if I haven’t brushed my hair in a few days, no make up, and child-related stains on my clothes. Even though I admire other mums that branch off from just a plain top and pants, I just don’t feel comfortable doing it myself. I want to, I just don’t know where to start.

What I’m looking for is a shop that sells breastfeeding friendly outfits, with a curvier figure, who want to look fashionable and flattering, but not too fussy, on a budget. With an honest sales person (or friend) to tell me exactly what I need to wear. What’s that shop called? Can someone point me in the right direction?

Until I find it, I’ll probably just stick to the safety of “basics” ranges in Kmart and Target. (I did however get on board with the Onesie craze, at least I’m fashionable in bed?!)

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Rachel Stewart

Rachel is the founder of Parenting Central Australia. She is raising two children, boy and girl, with her partner.She has a background in early childhood education, but right now is content to be a stay at home mum.She is passionate about birthing rights, breastfeeding and mental health. She enjoys crafting, drinking coffee (sometimes wine) and spending a little too much time on Facebook.

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