Red Bread and The Way She Eats

As a pre-baby mum I promised myself to always provide nutritional and healthy meals and snacks to my kids no matter what.

But 3 years later I have miss 3 and miss 9 months and guess what??? Miss 3 can be as stubborn in regards to eating a variety of food.

When she was younger we could easily tell her to eat her “mini-trees”(broccoli) or to eat her “orange circles”(carrots). It was easy.

She would eat risotto, lots of meats, pastas, rice and pumpkin. But in the past 9 months this have traveled down hill.

We have to bribe her to eat her mini trees. And to get her to eat a carrot we tell her that the dogs will eat them. On occasion we have also made it a game with the dogs to get “treats” and so she would join in and “sit”, “spin” and even “shake hands”.

It only works for so long.

It seems that she hit a stage in her development where certain flavours were and are no longer liked.

Our daughter is on the lean side. But her development is on track. Our doctor is not concerned and would like us to offer her a range of foods. Which we do.

However, I am certain I am not the only mum out there that resorts to “What ever makes her eat”.

Her plate no matter what type of meat and vegetable combination I come up with will have red sauce (tomato) on the side. She will dip her meat into it and sometime we can convince her with her vegetables. And some nights the only thing she will eat for dinner is sausages and red bread.

We sometimes get looks from others when out dining that she is eating a tomato sauce sandwich. Or only sausages and sauce. But she IS eating.

It seems my daughter is a grazer. She will eat a large breakfast of cereal or fruit porridge, followed by toast or a piece of fruit. Towards the end of the day she eats less and less. Lunch can be a sandwich with a side of strawberries or a peeled apple. Snacks are crackers, but mostly a punnet strawberries across the day.

She will eat what she wants and I will encourage her to eat more but for those of us mums struggling at dinner time, whether its red bread or toast, chicken nuggets and chips or mini hot dogs and bread, we prefer to see them eat SOMETHING rather than NOTHING.

Currently a favorite of Miss 3 is Creamy Rice:

  • red bread1cup basmati rice
  • 4 cups of milk (or 1 cup milk powder +4cups water)
  • 2teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1tablespoon raw sugar.

Add all ingredients into a pot and bring to boil, stiring constantly.

Reduce to simmer and stire frequently until milk has been absorbed.

Allow to cool and serve.

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