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Super Smoothie For A Super Fussy Eater

Today my son who is an incredibly fussy eater and hasn't eaten a vegetable except for potato in potato chips in years had all of these vegetables. And not only did he enjoy them he promised to have them every single day.

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Chicken with Cream and Sun Dried Tomatoes

The first time I made this recipe it happened by accident. It was one of those nights where I had a handful of ingredients that needed to be used up quickly and they just came together so perfectly.

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LCHF Chocolate Brownie – Sweet Potato and Almond Brownie

I was a little nervous baking this for my birthday because I pretty much just blended together two different recipes with absolutely no experience making either of them. By some miracle it turned out great (but admittedly I have done a lot of baking, so I’ve got a little base knowledge to go along with it…. And perhaps just a bit of a lucky fluke!)

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The Best Low Carb Pizza EVER

I LOVE pizza. So much. Which has been a bit of a struggle this last year as I’ve been on a low carb “diet”. (Diet in quotation marks, because it’s more that I’ve change the way I eat rather than a short term change.)

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Self Drive Yarra Valley Wine Tour

A few months ago myself, two friends, and my dear darling partner (who so generously came as our designated driver!) went on a day trip to the Yarra Valley to visit some wineries.

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Things I Learned When I Gave Up Wine For A Month

So, this wasn’t part of anything. It wasn’t for Dry July, which is coming up in a few days. Maybe I should have waited a month before I started my alcohol free month so I could tie it into Dry July, because it is a great charity that raises money for cancer patient.

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Larissa Waters Breastfeeding – The No Win Situation For Women

support breastfeeding

Larissa Waters Breastfeeding In Parliament Shows the No Win Situation For Mothers   Larissa Waters does yet another breastfeeding first — Karen Barlow (@KJBar) June 22, 2017   First time I've had to move a Senate motion while breastfeeding! And my partner in crime moved her own motion …

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My LCHF Anniversary (Low Carb High Fat)

I can’t believe I’m coming up to my one year anniversary on my LCHF diet. A whole year! And I can already hear the other LCHFers groaning at the use of the word “diet”. It’s not a “diet” in the sense of “I’m going on a diet for a couple of months”. I mean more like - “I’ve changed my diet.” I know that LCHF people tend to use the term “way of eating” or “WOE” for short, instead of “diet”, but I’m a rebel.

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Helen’s Hill Winery Review – Yarra Valley Wineries

Helen's Hill will be my last in my Yarra Valley “Time For Wine” series for a while. Hopefully we’ll be planning another trip out there soon - or maybe down to the Mornington Peninsula wine region instead. In the meantime I’m going to leave on a high note with Helen’s Hill winery.

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Domaine Chandon Winery Review – Yarra Valley Wineries

Can you tell I’m a little excited about this one. Can ya?! Chandon is what we usually drink at home so there was something very cool about going to the place where the magic happens. In my mind Domaine Chandon is like my Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Except wine, because I don’t really eat chocolate.

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Networking When You Suck At Networking

My partner is great at networking. He’ll walk into a room and seamlessly float in and out of conversations with anyone and everyone. I don't understand how he does it so easily. Just like he doesn't understand why I struggle with it so much. It seems to be something that people have, or they don't.

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Yering Station Review – Yarra Valley Wineries

yering station

Yering Station was Victoria’s first vineyard, so that fact alone makes it a must-see if you’re visiting wineries in the Yarra Valley. The estate is grand and impressive - though some spaces of Yering Station feel almost intimidating formal.

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My Fashion Rules For 2017

Stop buying clothes and not wearing them.Start only buying and wearing clothes I love. There are SO MANY REASONS I need to stop doing this. It’s neither economical nor environmentally friendly to keep buying clothes and not wearing them.

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Best Sparkling Wines On A Budget

best sparkling wine

I love sparkling wine. It's pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I drink. There's just something festive, fun and decadent about a glass of beautiful bubbles.

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5 Gifts I’d Love For Christmas

So, there’s not really a whole lot of point to writing this list, other than if anyone happens to ask me what I want for Christmas I can direct them to this blog post (Joking)

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Happy Gilmore Girls Day!

gilmore girls

I’ve recently binge-watched the whole 7 seasons… though I peaked too early and finished it a few weeks ago, so I’ve been re-rewatching it. Which has given me A LOT of time to think about the BIG question of Gilmore Girls… *drum roll*.

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Today I Quit Writing – Again


  The Moment I Quit Writing This morning I sat in front of my computer in tears. My stomach in knots. And feeling utterly done. Something had gone horribly wrong on the website – I’m not going to bore you with too many of the details, but we have a …

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My LCHF Adventure

lchf diet

How I lost more than 10kgs in less than 3 months with no calorie counting, shakes, pills, programs, starving myself or increased exercise. I’m just eating delicious food whenever I'm hungry (okay, with one catch...)

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5 Reasons I loved Problogger


I’ve been back from bloggerland (aka Problogger) for a few days and I’m so lost and forlorn. I miss it so much. I want to go back. I want to go and live in bloggerland forever. My family can just come and visit me from time to time.

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Body Image and Weight Loss

weight loss

Surely I can’t be the only person who’s thought:“I’d love my body if I weighed X amount”“I’d love my body if I wear X size clothing”“I’d love my body if it looked exactly how I want it to look.”

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LCHF with a Carb-Eating Family


LCHF with a Carb-Eating Family   I’ve been following a LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet for the last 10 weeks now and one thing you need to know about me is I don’t like cooking things that I perceive as being too hard, too complicated and I REALLY don’t …

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I’ve Never Met A blogger I Didn’t Like


I’m heading to Problogger in Queensland next month and I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!Seeing Darren Rowse, other speakers and learning things - I’m sure that’ll all be good. BUT the main reason I’m excited about going is the “networking” and when I say “networking” I mean spending time with all my favourite bloggers - and there’s a lot of them.

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Easy LCHF Baked Cheesecake

lchf cheesecake

Thank Goodness for an Easy LCHF Baked CheesecakeAs I've mentioned I'm currently on a LCHF diet, and it's going REALLY well for me. In less than 2 months I went from my size 12 jeans getting a bit too tight - to fitting into size 8 - which even on diets where I've been starving myself I've never been this small.

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Visiting Myuna Farm

myuna farm

I had NO IDEA Myuna Farm existed! It’s located a little over half an hour South-East of Melbourne CBD and was the most incredible “farm experience” for our family.

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A LCHF Interview


LCHF stands for Low Carb High/Healthy Fat. It is a way of eating that consists of a very low consumption of carbohydrates, moderate consumption of protein, and a high consumption of healthy fats.

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Keeping My Love Bank In Credit

love bank

I really like the idea of a Love Bank. Basically people have an “account” with you, and they can make deposits and withdrawals - if someone invests a lot of time and love into your relationship with them, then there’s a long line of credit for them to withdraw from.

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Ants In A Vacuum Cleaner


I was doing a little bit of housework while babywearing with my baby girl in a carrier on my back.I turned on the upright vacuum cleaner and as I started to work on the living room floor two bullants dropped out of the vacuum onto the carpet.

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The Self Fulfilling Prophecy Of The Useless Father

useless father

Is your newsfeed constantly flooded with “jokes” about how fathers need to be micromanaged to care for their own children? Or how men generally incapable of parenting, housework and keeping themselves alive? That men are irresponsible and essentially additional children?

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This Is What A Feminist Looks like

what a feminist looks like

For quite some time I was under the impression I couldn’t be a feminist and wear make up. Or I couldn’t be a feminist and have casual sex. Or be a stay at home mum. Or love knitting. Or any number of things that I didn’t think that feminism would approve of.

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8 Shows That Are So Bad They’re Good

best trashy shows

This is my favourite television show genre. The “So Bad It’s Good” shows. It’s a tricky genre, because exactly what falls into bad enough to be good, but then also good enough that it’s not just completely terrible - it’s a fine line.

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Best Family Friendly Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Best Family Friendly Mornington Peninsula Wineries

Working as a first class flight attendant I am always very proud when we serve wine from my home region of the Mornington Peninsula. I am very patriotic of my home and love telling my passengers from all over the world how beautiful ‘the Peninsula’ is, with National Geographic naming it in their 2015 Top 20 Best Trips of the world.

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Maternity Wear Tips and Recommendations

maternity wear

You don’t necessarily need to buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate pregnancy and breastfeeding, nor do you need to buy maternity or nursing specific clothing. There are many different ways you can use regular clothes throughout these phases of your life.

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Date Night Ideas That Don’t Require A Babysitter

date night ideas

I know it’s not the most romantic idea - having your children in the background for a date - but sometimes it’s the reality of being parents. Not all of us have a family member or friend that is willing and able to take our children for a couple of hours - nor the means to pay for a babysitter. So what happens to romance?

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Catcalling – Compliment or Harassment


It’s not okay to shout at, call to, or proposition a stranger on the street. EVEN if you think they should take it as a compliment. EVEN if it’s happened to you by someone of any gender. It’s still not okay.

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Visiting The Melbourne Zoo

melbourne zoo

This week we took the children to the Royal Melbourne Zoo for a glorious family outing. We’ve been to the Zoo a couple of times before, but we always have a great time and there’s always something new to see and experience.

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I Only Clean Up When The Kids Are Awake

cleaning up

When my first born was a baby, I used to anxiously wait until she was asleep, then I would whisk through the house and clean up. When she woke up, I would be all eyes on her, sitting and playing and taking care of her until at last she would fall asleep again. Repeat.

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6 Things I love About Smaller Homes

things I love about smaller homes

Yesterday we put a rental application in on a house - a whole house - that has easily twice the space of our current home, and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we are accepted. It has two living rooms, 4 bedrooms, and more cupboards than I’d know what to do with!

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Sex Ninjas

sex after kids

We like to live dangerously. We're like Ninjas. Sex Ninjas. We are the stealthiest love-makers.
We speak in code like:
“Should I shut the door?” is code for “How about some sexy time?”

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Mind Your Own Pits

unshaven armpits

I’ve noticed quite a few posts in my newsfeed lately declaring that hairy armpits is a new “trend”. A “trend” that seems to be bothering more than a few people.

Here’s the thing though - allowing body hair to grow wherever it grows naturally is not a trend - shaving it off is.

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The Bechdel Test and Family Movies

the bechdel test

Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? It’s a way to show gender equality in films and to demonstrate how women are under represented due to our old friend, sexism. It has 3 criteria that must be met to pass. It must have 1- two women in it 2- who talk to each other 3-about something other than a man.

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Talking About Consent – Yes means Yes

consent is as simple as tea

I recently read this blog post “Consent: Not actually that complicated” that has been made into a stick figure cartoon. I think this is a great way to explain consent. I think it should be shown to teenagers as part of sex education in school, or by parents at home. It’s a good way to get a conversation going about consent, to explain consent in a light but clear way.

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What I Love About IKEA

what I love about ikea

Firstly, this was written our of pure, genuine enthusiasm for all things Ikea. I love the food, the furniture, the design, the space saving ideas, the bargains, the feeling that anything is possible - I just love the adventure of it all.

So let me take you through all the things I love about Ikea. It's something we do fairly often as a family - we just go to Ikea to walk around, have a look, touch, sit, play, open, design, dream and eat.

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Our Relationship Is Not In Competition

our relationship

There are some things I can relate to in the recent Huffington Post article titled “Why my husband will always come before my kids.”

My initial gut reaction is to say - of course I love my children more. But I don't think that's entirely accurate for me either.

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There’s An App For That – Getting Sexy Back

sex app

I’m going to talk about sex. Because we’re grown ups and sex is important. I’m going to be frank, and I’m going to be talking about my own sex life in detail, so if you don’t want to know what goes on between my sheets - or you’re my mother reading my blog - please don’t read any further.

If you choose to proceed, consider yourself warned.

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50 Shades of Ughhh

50 shades

50 Shades of Ughhhhh…..not really my thing.

He stalks her, taps her phone, he’s manipulative and intimidating, he’s not big on gaining true and informed consent and even though he’s a hot billionaire, he does not float my boat, for all of the above mentioned reasons.

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My Lesson on ‘Beautiful’


We can learn some powerful lessons from the people who truly love us. When you love someone unreservedly, and you trust them completely - you can allow them to show you how they see you.

What have you learnt from those who love you? This is how I learned that I am beautiful. It took me a while.

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I don’t want to shave my legs

shave my legs

I don’t want to shave my legs. I’m sort of proud that I managed to go over a month without shaving my legs.

Last time I shaved my legs was before Christmas and yesterday I caved and did it. It’s this bizarre inner battle. It’s a life time of social conditioning that ladies legs must be smooth and silky at all times.

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Feminism is the new F-word


Julie Bishop was raised on a South Australian cherry farm. She grew up and studied hard, eventually graduating with a Law degree. She worked her way up through the ranks of a couple of law firms (notably Clayton Utz where she attained managing partnership) before entering federal politics. She is currently the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. The first female to ever hold that title and only the third to ever hold the title of Deputy Leader of the Opposition. She is also the current Minister for Forgein Affairs. She is the only female member of Cabinet. Her list of achievements and political portfolios held is far too long to list here.

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Hair Removal Hiatus

hair removal

It was 1915 when Gillette first introduced a razor for women- but it wasn’t even close to the first time that women were encouraged to remove body hair. Centuries before, the Egyptians and the ladies of the Roman Empire were using all manner of methods and concoctions to rid themselves of body hair. Later on, the French, too, became known for a hair-free look. The Tudors of England took it to new extremes with hairline plucking to enhance the brow. Traditionally, it seems to have been the province of the wealthy and was often regarded as a sign of being high-class.

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Why I Craft For Love Not Money

craft for love

I’ll start by saying this isn’t a complaint, I do actually get a bit of a thrill every time someone says to me “Oh, did you make that ?! It’s great! You should sell them!” Or I get the more forward “So, Rach, when are you going to open a …

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Beginners Guide to Feminism

beginners guide to feminism

What does “Feminism” mean? “The advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” This is one of the big misconception I myself held about feminism, is the name; because it’s FEMIN-ism, not EQUAL-ism or HUMAN-ism I wrongly assumed that feminism meant not just equality, but seeking privileges for women.

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Pocket Money and Chores

There are two main schools of thought around Pocket Money and Chores. On the one hand, pocket money can be given as a direct payment to your child in return for chores they do. They may earn a set amount per activity completed (for example $1 for washing the dishes $2 for packing away laundry and so on, paid upon completion or at the end of the week) or a set amount which is paid or withheld whether or not they were generally helpful or completed all their tasks for the week.

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What Does Your House Say About You?

Do you know those ads that trying to make us feel like everyone is judging us on the cleanliness of our homes to make us buy their products? The Harpic toilet clean ads with the line “What does your loo say about you?” ads, or the “Ajax Spray and wipe” ads where someone has unexpected visitors and runs around cleaning their house so nobody ever knows that they live the way they live! Am I alone in thinking that your toilet says nothing about you? Except that you clearly have indoor plumping! Winning! But otherwise - I know I've never inspected anyone else's loo and made an assessment on their character based on it's condition.

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Sensible health kick

So my “plan” is to eat MORE. More good things, because if I fill my body with good food then I won’t be hungry, or feel deprived.

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The Surprising Finances of Raising Children

Whether you’re a mum and dad working on a rural angus beef farm in Bathurst, NSW or a couple in inner-city Melbourne living the corporate life, the decision to have children is a big one. It affects not only your life, but your daily and monthly routine for the indefinite future.

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Un-Domestic Goddess

I'm not naturally a tidy person, I wouldn't describe myself as a neat freak or say that housework is a skill or something I enjoy doing. But some things have to be done. So I feel that qualifies me more to talk about how to get through the week without the house falling into total chaos than someone who's house straight from better homes and gardens all the time.

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Nursery Furniture “Make Over”

This is a step by step of my nursery furniture renovation. Outlining the basic "how to" of a simple make over for a cot that was about 15 years old, drawers that are I have had since the start of High School and a “barely used” good quality change table.

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Taking Time For Each Other

I hear the advice of making time for our partners, to nurture our relationships, but I keep thinking - how can I make time, there's still the same number of hours in a day, I can't make more time. Also with "finding time" as though we might just stumble upon it. It doesn't feel like that's how it works.

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The Mummy Diets

I'm sure you've heard all the weight loss plans, regimes, pills and super foods. Well, below I've compiled a list of diets you may not have heard of. I call them "The Mummy Diets".

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When To Start A Family

When To Start A Family

How are you doing financially? Well it isn’t cheap to have kids, no -sir! There are so many costs associated with having children it would be near impossible to plan and prepare for scenarios and circumstances.

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Before and After

I love before and after shots, I don’t even really care what the before or after is. Home renovations, landscaping, city building, rearranged bedrooms, hair cuts and make overs; the idea of one photo on the left and one on the right of the exact same thing,

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Relationship and Sex

The birth of your first child will be a turning point in your relationship. Every relationship is different and so will be your experiences. While for some dads-to-be it will be an easy shift into fatherhood/parenthood, for others it may create some challenges. Your relationship with your partner might change after …

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Flying with kids

Flying with kids This is something I’ve had a bit of practice at, flying more times now with little people than without them, and I’m still by no means an expert, but now with well over a dozen flights clocked up between two children, often on my own, I’ve had …

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day In some ways I feel like I’ve traded Valentine’s Day in for Mother’s day. This will be my fifth Valentine’s day as a parent, so I’m pretty much totally to terms with the fact this day doesn’t really mean much anymore, we are too busy, tired or I didn’t even notice the last one …

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No Poo in My Hair…

No Poo in My Hair… Finally got my hair cut today! Not as much for the little one to grab!   Also got my new Didymos baby wrap… cute, huh? ‘You use WHAT to wash your hair!?’ my hair dresser barked at me today.  ’Yes,’ I replied, ‘I use baking …

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Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise

Pre/Post Birth Exercising - Parenting Central Australia

With prenatal and postnatal exercise it is safe to maintain your current fitness level, you may need to reduce the intensity of your workouts and exercise and it is essential to talk to your doctor for guidance on your personal health and fitness, this is only intended as a general guide.

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